SLT Minutes 9/26/16

SLT Minutes 9/26/16
September 28, 2016 GWHS


Members Present:
Mr. Lessard, Mr. Bolz, Ms. Ozee, Ms. Ortiz, Ms. Bates, Ms. Weikle, Mr. McNeill, Mr. Singer, Mr. Lee, Mr. Camacho

Members Not Present:
Ms. Torres, Ms. T. Vigil

Non-Members Present:
Ms. Spence, Ms. O’Ryan




Responsibilities of SLT

Major Improvement Strategies

  • Student achievement
  • community outreach

Scheduling of Events

  • Graduation
    • Thursday, May 25th @ 11am
    • We will shoot for day time graduation
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
    • November 4th All day Option (per district)
      • Attendance issues
      • Split up parent teacher November 4th date
    • 3:30pm- 7:30Thursday night / 11-3pm Friday (Nov. 4th)
      • Opportunities for group conferences
      • Might be too late to communicate with parents if we wait until Nov 4.
    • Sending Fail/D reports to students household AND have one conference day on October 13th, 3:30-7:30pm
      • Staff will vote on ½ day comp day Nov. 4th


  • Mr. Singer presented a proposal for Yearbook/Newspaper for a conference in Ft. Collins
    • Cost of bus 1,500.00- 3,000.00
  • Should SLT vote on budget?
    • Should there be a threshold on what expenditures go through SLT.
      • $2,500.00 and above goes through SLT. Anything below is decided by Mr.
        Lessard (not included for PD…PD system set in place last SLT meeting.)
  • $97, 200 General Budget (All school)
  • Art Department presented budget request for 7 macs, 10 dells and adobe
    creative suite $20,900.00

    • SLT Voted and approved these funds for the Art Department
  • Math, special eds, CTE, no requests
  • Social Studies- text books
  • Whole district will supply texts if we opt into new social studies curriculum (sponsored by district)
  • Sped needs $5k

Mill Levy Vote in November- $11 million

  • 5 million to GW building
  • 4.5 million school
  • 1996 bond expiring
  • Mill Levy tax is an increase
  • Windows
  • Classrooms
  • Locker rooms

Co-Locate a School

  • District wants to co-locate a school
  • Option→ Mr. Geisel creates a “pathway school” within GW

Patriot For a Day, October 27th

  • Can SLT recruit teachers
  • How can we compensate teachers?




October 26, 2016