Advertise Your Business on the Baseball Outfield Fence

Advertise Your Business on the Baseball Outfield Fence
January 7, 2019 GWHS

George Washington’s JV and Varsity Baseball teams are in the midst of a major upgrade to the baseball field in preparation for the spring season. To that end, the Patriot Baseball Organization invites you to support the team by advertising your business on an outfield fence banner. Each sign is 4 feet x 8 feet to ensure great visibility. The field is used by GW’s baseball teams from February through the end of October. Banners are removed from the fence during winter months. Sponsorship options are as follows:

Grand Slam: $1000 five-year sponsorship
Home Run: $900 four-year sponsorship
Triple: $750 three-year sponsorship
Double: $400 one-year sponsorship

If you want more information or know of a business that would be interested in advertising on our outfield fence, please contact Debbie Bishop at, or call 303-908-6504.

Thanks for your support, and Go Patriots!