Boys Golf


Boys Golf


Name: Samuel Barotz
Cellphone: 720-278-8371
Coach’s Expectations: This is a varsity sport. I expect every member of the team to show up to ALL practices. If one must miss a practice they must let me and the team know with at least 24 hours notice. If a member missed practice they will not be able to play in the next match During practices, athletes must be in proper golf attire (collared shirt, shorts/slacks). No gym shorts or T-shirts. Students must have no grades lower than a C to play.


Monday – Thursday

Location: Practices will take place at one of the Denver Municipal Golf Courses Either Kennedy, Overland or Wellshire.


Best Way to Contact Coach: 7:00am – 7:30am and 2:30pm – 3:00pm via email, voicemail, or text message.

Coach to Student: I will communicate to the students on a weekly basis giving them updates on matches, practices and any other announcements. If something comes up, I will send a text and an email to students about changes in schedules.

Coach to Parent: I will be sending out a weekly email with updates. If something changes during the week I will send another updated email.


  • $100 – Players will receive the following to keep: GW Under Armour Polo, Under Armour Pullover and a GW Golf Hat
  • DPS Athletic Fee – $60.00 ($10 for FRL students)


Support your child, show up to events, PLAY GOLF with them