Boys Lacrosse


Boys Lacrosse


Name: Erik Krause
Coach’s Expectations: I expect for my student-athletes to be students first. High school sports are a great way to get into college, however, education is what gets you out of college. Student-athletes should be present to all classes throughout the normal school year. I expect, of my student athletes, to show the utmost respect towards peers, authority figures, and their selves. As an athlete, one cannot perform if they are not present. All student athletes should be at every practice and game, on time. Unless excused by parents or a doctor, I believe a high school student has the time to make it to practice and games.


Monday – Friday
Times are subject to change. All practice and game times will be communicated to parents and students, before the week that they fall on.

Location: GW Fields


Best Way to Contact Coach: Via email

Coach to Student: The majority of communication will be handled on the team  through groupme. . Practice In the event of an emergency certain players (captains) will be contacted directly via cell phone(text or if need be call) as well as the groupme app.

Coach to Parent: Communication with parents will be through email.


  • DPS Athletic Fee – $60.00 ($10 for FRL students)
  • The personal gear that comes with playing lacrosse that is not issued by the school is as follows(prices are estimated ranges):
    • Helmet $60-$200
    • Chest pads $40-$150
    • Elbow pads $40-$90
    • Mouth guard $5-$25
    • Full lacrosse stick(head, stick, string job)$100-$400
    • Lacrosse specific gloves $50-$250
    • Cleats $30-$200

Buying the most protective gear at the cheapest price is my suggestion. The only item that should not be skimped on is the helmet. Paying a little more for a lot more head protection will go a long way.


As parents, the number best way to be involved is to show up to games and cheer the kids on (not to be confused with rooting against the other team). Also parents are encouraged to bring some type of sports drink for the kids to have at half time and post-game. A sports drink paired with a light protein snack (trail mix, protein bar, granola, oranges) will ensure that kids bodies start to regenerate properly. Find out which of these or other similar snacks that your child likes.