Cross Country


Cross Country


Name: Christopher Turner
Cell: 720-232-0632
Coach’s Expectations: Student athletes will be required to meet all eligibility standards set for by George Washington High School, DPS , and the Colorado High School Activities Association.

Attendance will be required as noted in the DPS policy guide and reviewed by coaches to ensure the athlete is prepared for competition, grades will be monitored by communication from the athletic secretary on a weekly eligibility list and full compliance with said policies will be mandated by coaching staff ( athletes that are struggling to meet their academic goals and requirements will be excused for practice and competition without consequences for remaining on the team)

Behavior that puts the student athlete, team, or community at risk will be addressed immediately with school administration and parents based each individual act or incident until a resolution is met that is fair and safe for all parties to move forward.

Injuries that take place outside of team activities or during participation with a team activity must be reported immediately to the coaching staff, and will be reviewed based on the needs of the athlete with the school trainer, DPS medical staff, or the athletes personal doctor.


4:00pm – 6:00pm

8:30am – 10:30am

Location: All practices will begin at George Washington High on the Track behind the school. Crestmoor Park and Garland Park will be utilized for long training runs and off site sessions. Athletes will close out practice at the school.


Best Way to Contact Coach: Early in the mornings by cellphone (voicemail) or text message.

Coach to Student: Communications will be relayed to athletes at practice verbally an by written notification via letter or e-mail (all communications will be forwarded to athletic director and secretary for posting where appropriate).

There is a student Facebook page with posting per the team captains that has been set up for cross country as well as a group text with updates and schedule changes.

Coach to Parent: Critical communications with parents can be conducted via phone communication directly to the coach using his cell number, text and e-mails copied to the athletic director are appropriate as well .

A parent meeting will be scheduled and conducted during the first week of practice (TBA), regular communications will be conducted at meets and in the event of schedule change, on request of each parent (time permitting).


  • Students are expected to provide his/her own running shoes
  • DPS Athletic Fee – $60.00 ($10 for FRL students)


Parents attendance at the meets is the biggest part of their involvement due to the fact that the venues are so large and they can spread out along the courses and support the team.