Girls Golf


Girls Golf


Coach Rieber

Name: Cathy Rieber
Cellphone: 303-378-8763
Coach’s Expectations: Students are expected to be at all practices unless there is an academic/club conflict. Many golfers are involved in other clubs or academic (including piano, etc.) activities that conflict with practice. In order to keep a balanced perspective for all students, these other activities will not preclude any player from being on the team.


Monday – Thursday
3:00pm – 5:30pm*

Location: Wellshire Golf Course, 3333 South Colorado Boulevard


Best Way to Contact Coach: Anytime via text

Coach to Student: Email and texting

Coach to Parent: Parents will receive a letter of introduction to the program at the beginning of the season. Updates will be made by email to student email and the expectation is that students share this communication parents. Parents may share emails with coach if they wish direct contact.


  • DPS Athletic Fee – $60.00 ($10 for FRL students)
  • Players have purchased Team Jackets and had them personalized with their names. The cost for the jacket is @ $50.00 – $60.00 This is not required but encouraged. Players will likely need a glove, tees and golf balls for tournament play. Wellshire Pro shop discounts purchases for our players.


We love having parents present at tournaments – plan to wear good shoes as you follow along to support your player!