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Game Schedule

We are still scheduling games. We will have a calendar up shortly!


Coach Hereford

Name: Erin Hereford
Cellphone: 314-443-9371
Coach’s Expectations: I expect all players to be dressed and on time to practice and games with proper equipment; to be positive and supportive of their team mates at all times; to be fully engaged in the learning process; and, most importantly, to have fun.


3:30pm – 4:30pm

Location: Starting Wednesday, March 15th, practice will be at Mcauliffe International School, 5-6:30pm, Monday through Wednesday. Friday time and location is TBD


Best Way to Contact Coach: Morning and afternoon via email or text.

Coach to Student: I will communicate with players primarily via email. If we have any sudden changes or cancellations I’ll send a text. Depending upon how many changes and updates we have, I presume communication will average twice a week.

Coach to Parent: Parents are welcome to use my email address and cell phone, and can reach out to me anytime with questions or concerns. I will make every effort to communicate schedule changes and updates to parents as soon as I am aware of such changes and updates. Typically, I email parents at the end of the week with reminders, requests, and a brief synopsis of our progression.


  • DPS Athletic Fee – $60.00 ($10 for FRL students)
  • Each player will need a lacrosse stick, proper footwear, two molded mouthguards, and a water bottle. The athletic department is providing uniforms, pinnies, lax goggles, a few extra loaner sticks.


Players love to have their parents at their games cheering on their team, it is one of the best ways to show support. Parents who are interested in lacrosse and would like to assist can contact me, I would be more than happy to introduce them to the game.