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  • GW BusinessConnect Student Showcase

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    Business students will be having their showcase event on Wednesday and Thursday of this week in the GW Library. If you are able to volunteer to be part of an authentic audience and give feedback to small groups, please RSVP HERE and pick a time slot. Thank you for your support!

  • CareerLaunch Summer Internship Showcase

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    Please come to the GWHS Cafeteria on Tuesday, November 13 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm to learn about Summer Internships through CareerConnect from past participants! This is a great way for CareerConnect students and their parents to learn about the application process and what to expect during a 2019 CareerLaunch Internship. If you have any questions, please email our Internship Coordinator at See you there!

  • Career Launch Internship Interest Showcase

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    Have you taken a Career Connect class before? Are you a 9th-11th grader interested in participating in a paid Summer internship? If you answered yes to both questions, please come to our Internship Showcase Night in the GWHS Cafeteria on Tuesday, November 13 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Past Career Launch participants will be on hand to inform and answer questions about this amazing Work-Based Learning opportunity. See you there!

  • CareerConnect Roundup – October 9, 2018

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    Work based learning activities are one the most important supports that we provide students to not only further investigate their passions, but also to engage with industry professionals in authentic ways. Last week, we had the incredible opportunity to participate in two such events.

    Craig Hospital hosted 25 MedConnect students for a CareerX Job Shadow event where students learned about the many careers in rehabilitation medicine. What makes the event so engaging is that students are able to be hands on with not only the amazing technology that allows for normal activities to continue after a brain or spinal cord injury, but also to see what a patient’s journey is like. Whether it was learning to type with your eyes, surf the internet with your voice, paint with your mouth or drive with your wrists, our students walked away from the experience with a different take on medicine.

    We were also very fortunate for United Airlines to host the CareerCoach Mentoring session at the United Airlines Catering Facility at DIA. Our 14 participants were engaged with their mentors and had the chance to interview employees from a broad spectrum of jobs within the airline. Students were also given a tour of the facility to learn about what it takes and how many people are necessary to ensure that an airplane is fully stocked with food and beverages every day. It truly was a great experience by all!

  • CareerConnect Round Up – September 26, 2018

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    CareerConnect Round Up – September 26, 2018

    A Burger Champion is crowned! Business Connect senior Chaurice Chaput just participated in a week-long collaborative business workshop with Young American’s Bank and Park Burger, where she learned about starting and sustaining a restaurant concept. The culminating event was a competition between participants to create a new burger for the Park Burger franchise. Chaurice’s “Ring of Fame” Burger was the winner and will be featured during the month of October. “I was not only able to expand my mind creatively by creating my own personal burger,” Chaurice said of the experience, “but the business people I met during the week were one of the best parts. The opportunity that was given to young people through this program was outstanding. I now know a little more on what it really takes to open and run a successful business such as Park Burger.” Congratulations, Chaurice, on taking a risk and participating in the event. It wasn’t easy, but we are incredibly proud of your accomplishment.

    Our third annual Business Leader Roundtable is right around the corner, and we would like to invite you to participate! This is a special event brings students and local business leaders together, and gives students the opportunity to engage in authentic dialogue and practice their networking skills. This Roundtable also serves to launch CareerConnect’s first big project of the year by introducing students to the nine different functions of business. Our students will create Business Superheroes and creatively present their fictitious stories to elementary students at Denver Green School to introduce the concepts of business and entrepreneurship to a younger audience.

    Please let Gideon Geisel ( know if you are able to participate in a session on October 15th, 2018 from 10:15-11:10am or 1:45-2:30pm and if you feel comfortable speaking in a small group format on one of the following functions:

    Marketing Human Resources
    Information Management Accounting/Finance
    Operations Purchasing
    Production General Management

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  • CareerConnect Round Up – May 8, 2018

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    CareerConnect Round Up – May 8, 2018

    CareerConnect students have had a year full of positive and powerful engagement with industry and institutions of higher learning! Over the past two weeks, more than twenty students who have been engaged in the year-long CareerCoach Mentoring program with Anschutz Medical Campus and United Airlines presented their final projects during individual celebration events. Students presented their pathways to college and career success based on the guidance and conversations they had with their mentors over the school year. Many students reflected that because of the mentorship experience, they were now considering a different career than what they originally wanted to study.

    CareerConnect has had fantastic support and collaboration from the City of Denver Offices of Economic Development and Workforce Services since our program’s inception three years ago.  As part of this partnership, GWHS hosted the City of Denver Retail Partnership Monthly Meeting in the GW Library on Wednesday, May 9.  Representatives from featured employers Elitch Gardens, Sheraton Denver, and Stonebridge Properties presented to CareerConnect and AVID students about career opportunities in the hospitality industry, skills that they look for in applicants, and ways to start applying for job openings as young as 16 years old.  It was a engaging event, and demonstrated of the importance of having a strong relationship between industry professionals and George Washington High School.

    Congratulations to the nearly forty students who recently participated in Skills Training to prepare for their summer CareerLaunch Internships. GWHS is also collaborating with West High School to send an additional five MedConnect students to a summer CNA program, where they will have the opportunity to earn their CO state licenses.

    Thank you to all who have supported the CareerConnect program this year! Providing students with relevant partnerships and opportunities for engagement is what guarantees success in college and career. If you have any questions, please contact Pathway Director Gideon Geisel at


  • CareerConnect Round Up – March 21, 2018

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    CareerConnect Round Up – March 21, 2018

    Ms. Ozee’s High School of Business students completed their most recent project by presenting to an audience of industry professionals, including Stanley Marketplace and the City of Denver Office of Economic Development. Over the last four weeks, students learned about responsible development, innovative practices, and strategies to bring different communities together. Students proposed several innovative businesses to Stanley, including a cultural DIY art studio, an activity space specializing in serving people with disabilities, a comic book store, and a men’s clothing boutique. The top presenters will be invited to the April Retail Sector Partner Meeting to share their proposals with managers from some of Denver’s top businesses.

    Being able to sell yourself and having a personal brand is a top skill that most Colorado employers look for in potential employees. Over the last three weeks, students from Mr. Barotz’s Accounting Class have been meeting one on one with Mr. Geisel to share their Personal Elevator Speeches. These Meaningful Career Conversations are designed not only to help students practice the art of the pitch, but also to give students the opportunity to share their skills, goals, and plans for life after high school. Providing students with an authentic opportunity to share their ICAP is an action step on the school’s UIP, and Mr. Geisel was thrilled to engage with students in such a positive and productive way.

    Lastly, CareerConnect is preparing close to 40 students to participate in summer CareerLaunch Internships. Over the last two weeks, students participated in a 16-hour Traits of a Young Professional workshop, ensuring that all students have support and a strong foundation before stepping into the professional environments of their internships. GWHS students performed incredibly well and will do an amazing job supporting the medical and business sectors with Denver’s top employers! We can’t wait to hear about their experiences.

    If you have any questions about CareerConnect, please contact Gideon Geisel at or 720-423-8609.


  • CareerConnect Round Up – February 22, 2018

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    CareerConnect Round Up – February 22, 2018

    Our CareerConnect students have had a busy and engaging couple of weeks! Some of the highlights included:

    College Visits
    We were fortunate enough to take both our CareerCoach mentoring cohorts on college visits to the University of Colorado Denver and Boulder campuses. Our students received a warm welcome, and had the opportunity to attend guest panels, take extensive tours, and enjoy a guest lecture by a professor from the Leeds School of Business.

    Classroom Visits
    Mr. Barotz took his Accounting Class to the Denver Green School so that they could teach 8th graders the Accounting Equation through video and example. It was a fantastic visit, and our students learned the value in simplifying complicated material into accessible examples. We certainly can’t wait to return next year.

    Work Based Learning
    We took nearly 60 High School of Business Students to Stanley Marketplace in Stapleton to launch their next classroom project and learn about responsible development. During the visit, we were given an in-depth tour and participated in a Q+A session with the founders of Stanley, Mark Shaker and Bryant Palmer. Students learned a lot and asked great questions, especially on the topic of bridging two different communities through Stanley. Be on the lookout for the presentation dates on our Facebook page. This particular project is unlike anything we have done before, and you certainly won’t want to miss it.

    Additionally, students visited Cascade Physical Therapy in an engaging CareerX event for our Intro to Health Careers students. Cascade, unlike other Physical Therapy offices, has a focus on athletes and performance, which had an extra impact on our students. During the morning session, students met a fictitious patient who tore their ACL and learned what the patient’s treatment plan would look like through the three stages of recovery. One of the highlights was definitely seeing students physically participating in the various tests that are used to determine if an athlete is ready to return to participation.

    If you have any questions about CareerConnect, please reach out to Pathway Director, Gideon Geisel, at



  • CareerConnect Round Up – December 7, 2017

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    CareerConnect Round Up – December 7, 2017

    George Washington High School CareerConnect students have had fantastic industry engagement since their return from Fall Break! On Monday, Ms. Ozee’s Introduction to Business classes presented their Business Profiles to several industry partners, including the City of Denver Office of Economic Development and clothing retailer Lawrence & Larimer. Having an authentic audience of business professionals made the presentation experience all the more valuable for our students.

    Earlier this week, Marketing Students had the opportunity to engage in a CareerX Job Exploration event with Western Union at their South Denver Headquarters. In this uniquely tailored event, students learned about the different elements of Western Union’s international business and branding, which culminated in a marketing challenge. As the hometown sponsor of the Denver Nuggets, Western Union has time during Nuggets games to run promotions. The Senior Manager of Marketing challenged our students to come up with the next round of promotions, which will start in late January. The ideas our students generated were innovative enough that Western Union will be taking them to the Nuggets for vetting. If one of our students’ promotions is chosen, we will be invited to a game to see the kick-off.

    Lastly, GW students have completed the culminating document of their last group project in Marketing. Students studied different elements of marketing, including promotional mix and channel distribution. To apply their new knowledge, students studied cell phone carriers, and researched the various elements as they related to each carrier. Please refer to their handy comparison chart HERE when making your next phone choice!


  • CareerConnect Round Up – November 15, 2017

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    CareerConnect Round Up – November 15, 2017

    CareerLaunch Internship Update
    Last week, GWHS CareerConnect was pleased to host parents and students for a showcase highlighting student internships from Summer 2017. It was a great opportunity for Interns to share their experiences and college and career goals to an interested audience. Our next CareerLaunch informational event will be held in late January or early February. If you missed the showcase, but are interested in learning about CareerLaunch Internships, please email Gideon Geisel at

    Intro to Health Career students received a surprise visit on Monday from the Denver Police Department Crime Lab. During the demonstration, students learned about the many possible careers in forensic science, and practiced swabbing for DNA and dusting for finger prints. This was an especially exciting opportunity for the several MedConnect students interested in pursuing forensic science as a career.

    Earlier this week, BusinessConnect 9th graders visited First Bank Headquarters to learn about banking operations and company culture. During this CareerX event, our First Bank hosts introduced students to elements of retail banking, the importance of building credit, and what an innovative and technological workplace feels like. Our students received another example of what strong industry engagement can do for them in the long run, and many left the visit asking how they could get an internship at such a great company!

    Finally, parents and industry partners are invited to BusinessConnect Principles of Business Student Presentations on Monday, December 4th. Students are researching businesses and creating business profiles. Please read more and RSVP HERE to be an important part of creating an authentic audience. There are 3 time slots available.