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  • CareerConnect Round Up – April 20, 2017

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    CareerConnect Round Up – April 20, 2017

    CareerConnect has been busy this week, as testing has ended and our team is getting back into Project Based Learning mode. In Mr. Kaplan’s MedConnect Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science class, students began a quick unit on the heart. Mr. Kaplan led his students in dissecting a heart. During the unit, students learned about the structures of the heart, described blood flow, and had additional time to explore this amazing muscle.

    We are excited to announce that students from Mr. Barotz’s Wealth Management class will be collaborating with students from Mr. Kaplan’s Principles of Biomedical Science class to host participants for a morning of Health and Credit Card Check-Ups for adults. Please join us in the GWHS Library on Thursday, May 11 from 7:30am – 9:00am for 30 minute small group presentations from our students to inform adults on heart health and credit card safety. Please sign-up for a time slot HERE.

    Please find us on Facebook HERE or email Pathway Director Gideon Geisel at for more details.



  • CareerConnect Round Up – April 5, 2017

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    CareerConnect Round Up – April 5, 2017

    Before spring break, almost 50 GWHS CareerConnect students participated in a Skills Training Conference over the course of two days. The goal of the conference was to introduce and fine tune students’ understanding of the professional workplace environment as they prepare to interview for their summer CareerLaunch Internships. Our Business and MedConnect students engaged with the content, and are ready to use the skills they’ve learned to perform at a high level. Interviews with partner companies take place later this month, and we expect all students to be matched with an internship for the summer.

    In other exciting news, GWHS BusinessConnect has been selected for the second straight year as the candidate school for the Mayor’s Operation Perfect Beginnings Summer Program. This unique opportunity pairs entrepreneurial-minded 9th grade students with some of Denver’s leading business leaders to be mentored and guided in creating a business proposal. What makes this program so incredible is that candidates will be placed with industries they are passionate about. Last year’s participants were interested in fashion and graphic design. I can’t wait to see where our students’ passion leads them this year!

    If you are interested in partnering or learning more about CareerConnect, please contact Gideon Geisel at



  • CareerConnect Round Up – March 2017

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    CareerConnect Round Up – March 2017

    February has been a busy month for CareerConnect. Our CareerX Job Exploration events have seasonally slowed down, but we were fortunate to partner with LinkedIn to offer students 3 hours of personalized instruction from LinkedIn staff to teach students the importance of networking, building a personal brand, and having a post-secondary plan. Students completed the first session by activating a LinkedIn account and creating a personal summary statement. Students reported that the summary statement was easy to complete because it was identical to the elevator speeches they write and deliver in class on Fridays.

    High School of Business Economics’ students held their second Day of Presentation to industry partners and stakeholders. Students were tasked with developing innovation and decision-making skills as they determined the best use for a vacant property in the neighborhood. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to practice their presentation skills and communicate their ideas clearly. We’re grateful to our audience – participants from Denver’s Office of Economic Development, Southwest Airlines, Johns Manville, Councilwoman Marybeth Susman, and GWHS parent and mentor Maggie Miller, to name a few – for taking the time to help our students grow, and for providing an authentic experience.



  • CareerConnect Round Up – January 30, 2017

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    IMG0839CareerConnect Round Up

    Last week, GWHS BusinessConnect took 26 students for a CareerX Job Exploration event with United Airlines at Denver International Airport. During this incredibly engaging event, students participated in problem solving scenarios involving operations, a tour of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner bound for Tokyo, and a Question and Answer session with airline operations. We definitely look forward to future collaboration with United Airlines.

    Last week was also the first session back for our CareerCoach Mentors from Anschutz Medical Campus. Students and their mentors reengaged after the long break, discussing Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP), as well as continuing to work on their projects for presentation in May. We are excited to announce that GWHS CareerCoach participants will also be going on three campus visits to learn more about education and careers in the Life Sciences. We will be visiting the UCD Biomed Campus, CCD Health Campus at Lowry, and Anschutz Medical Campus throughout the semester.

    In a one of its kind experience, DPS has announced that DPS CareerConnect will be launching the CareerResidency in Fall of 2017. Students will have the opportunity to earn money, industry credentials, college credit, and work experiences through the CareerResidency. If you are interested, please visit the CareerResidency website HERE.

    If you would like to learn more about CareerConnect and the different program opportunities, including hosting an intern, please contact Gideon Geisel at or 720-423-8609.



  • CareerConnect Round Up – December 2016

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    CareerConnect Round Up

    Last week, GWHS BusinessConnect High School of Business students finished off their second projects, Business Biographies, by hosting a student showcase and presenting to peers and members of the business community. Students created presentation mediums such as websites, videos, brochures, and handouts that not only told the story of the business, but also answered key questions about the environment they function in. It was a great opportunity for students to receive feedback from local business owners in order to improve on their presentation and preparation skills for next semester.

    Business Connect Future Choice Students had the fantastic opportunity to be invited to Pinnacol Assurance for mock interview practice. More than 40 students dressed professionally for the event. Students prepared resumes and were interviewed in small group and individual sessions. Pinnacol is a wonderful partner, and we are proud to offer our CareerConnect students real life skills and opportunities to prepare them for life after high school.

    If you have any questions about CareerConnect or how to become a partner, please reach out to Gideon Geisel, Pathway Director, at



  • CareerConnect Round Up – Student Elevator Speeches

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    CareerConnect Round Up – Student Elevator Speeches

    Presenting yourself is not just a Patriot Power, it’s one of the most important skills that our students need to acquire, helping them with everything from class presentations to job interviews. To give students practice presenting themselves professionally and confidently, GWHS CareerConnect has made the student elevator speech a priority. Every Friday, one student in each CareerConnect class presents their personal brand to their classmates. Our first participants came from Mr. Barotz’s Business Classes, where they spoke about the importance of preparation, confidence, eye contact, and teamwork, whether in the job or on the field. We are thrilled with this new bite-sized instructional practice that will absolutely pay huge dividends in the success of our students!



  • CareerConnect Round Up – Presentations and Upcoming Events

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    John Chapman IV from the clothing company Lawrence and Larimer came to speak to Ms. Ozee’s BusinessConnect classes last week in preparation for the launch of their second project. During the engaging presentation, John spoke about the importance of taking risks, asking questions, and communication – because you never know who might be listening. Using what they learned from the presentation, students will now begin researching the local business of their choice. The project’s culmination will be a Day of Presentation in December, during which students will share their findings with the local business. If you are interested in being an audience member during the day of presentation, let Gideon Geisel ( know.

    MedConnect and BusinessConnect 9th grade students are preparing for a busy November, as they will have multiple industry engagement events to attend to. Craig Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, Denver Public Schools Finance Department, and UCD Cadaver Lab will be hosting GWHS students to highlight not only what they do at their respective places of business, but also what education and experiences along the way will help students achieve their dreams. Stay tuned and follow our Facebook page to learn more.


  • Students Connect with Local Business Leaders

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    GWHS BusinessConnect HSoB students engaged with local leaders to learn about business activities and careers for their Business to the Rescue semester projects. Thank you to DPS Finance, Domoto Brands LLC, Johns Manville, Mettle Ventures and Empowercom for your commitment to the growth of our students.

    Next week, CareerConnect is excited to announce our inaugural launch of CareerCoach for our MedConnect students with Anschutz Medical Campus. CareerCoach is a a student-industry 1-1 mentoring program that will last the course of the year. Twice a month, more than 20 students will meet with their coach both at GW and Anschutz Medical Campus to discuss career/educational aspirations, goals and to discover what life is like on the medical campus.

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  • Patriot Powers Company Spotlight

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    This week’s Patriot Power Partner Company is submitted to us by Heidi Crum. Heidi is not only a Proud Patriot Mother, but the Chief Financial Officer for Quintess as well. Quintess is a luxury travel agency that provides access to multimillion-dollar homes that offer spacious havens for true relaxation all around the world. Thank you for taking the time for defining the Patriot Powers in your organization. If you are interested in defining the Patriot Powers in your organization, please do so HERE.

    Attitude: Keeping calm under pressure. Especially in meetings where one or more people may get heated if they don’t feel heard or understood. It’s important in those instances to try to help the team stay focused and find a solution. So focusing on possible solves instead of all of the roadblocks is important in the right attitude as a leader.

    Professionalism: Dress professionally. Do not wear stained or ripped clothes or body-baring clothes to the office. Dress comfortably, but nicely. Never use curse words in a professional setting – it’s inappropriate and also makes you look dumb. Say please and thank you to your co-workers. Smile and look people in the eye. Even though you may be super busy with work, take the time to say hello and once a day (or maybe once a week) take the time to ask other employees how they are? Be interested in other people

  • Welcome Back CareerConnect

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    crimescene (1)Welcome back CareerConnect! I want to begin by congratulating our GWHS CareerConnect CareerLaunch Intern participants. This summer saw 26 GWHS students intern with some of Denver’s leading employers such as Denver Health, Pinnacol Assurance, CO Veterans Home, Delta Dental, 1st Bank and DPS CareerConnect, all with incredibly positive results. In fact, 96% of CareerLaunch participants said they would recommend CareerLaunch to a peer! With results like that, I am ready to begin a second straight year of bringing exciting work-based opportunities to our students. Follow our GWHS CareerConnect Facebook page at as new partners will be announced in the coming weeks.

    Joining Sarah Ozee and Sam Barotz from GWHS BusinessConnect for the 2016-2017 school year is Mr. Greg Kaplan, who will be leading our MedConnect program. He brings his Biomedical passion to George Washington from Orlando, Florida and already has his students engaged in a crime scene investigation as part of Unit 1 in our new Project Lead The Way Principles of Biomedical Science class. This project based class will reinforce prior learning and prepare students for diverse opportunities in the medical science field.

    As a reminder, please mark your calendar and visit the GWHS CareerConnect Team during Back To School Night on September 7th. We look forward to another engaging school year and preparing students for success in the college or career of their choosing. You can always find updates on our webpage at If you have any questions or would like to learn about opportunities to further support CareerConnect, please contact Gideon Geisel, Pathway Director at or 720-423-8609.