Counseling Department

The College Application Process

STEP ONE: College List

  • Log onto Naviance
    • Email: school ID number (not email)
    • Password: your six digit date of birth
  • Enter all the colleges you are thinking about into Naviance, in colleges tab, go into “colleges I’m thinking about”.

STEP TWO: Submit application and request transcripts from counselors (once)

  • Apply to your schools! Fill out your application either through the college’s website or the common application.
  • Create a Common App account on
  • Only after you apply to the college, move that college from your “colleges I’m thinking about” in Naviance to “colleges I’m applying to”.
  • Under the “colleges I’m applying to” at the top of the list click “request transcripts”, make sure you click on the app type – regular decision, early action, early decision, rolling (that is what gives us your due date) request and submit.

STEP THREE: Naviance and Common App talk to each other

  • Make sure to digitally sign the CA FERPA Waiver & Authorization on Common App Online
  • hen log onto Naviance. Click on”colleges” and then “colleges I’m applying to”, complete the common app matching directions. We cannot send transcripts if you do not complete this step. 

STEP FOUR: Submit all your pieces of application to the college

  • Submit all other materials needed for your application: the application fee, your test scores and anything else your college requests.
  • Order an official copy of your test scores directly from ACT or SAT online. Check with each school to see what they require.

STEP FIVE: Request teacher recommendation letters

  • To request a letter of recommendation from your teachers, go in Naviance, under the colleges tab “colleges I’m applying to”.
  • Scroll down to teacher recommendations add/cancel requests, find the teachers name and click update request.

Counselors will cover the college application process at the beginning of the year through your scheduled Brown Bag lunch meetings. We will go over using Naviance, applying to 2 & 4 year colleges and universities, and requesting letters of recommendation and transcripts during this time in the fall semester.

The College Process, Part 2


  1. Apply to the colleges! There are many ways that students choose to complete the application for the college.Apply directly through the college. Each school will have a website that explains how to apply or directly links you to their online application.
    Create an account on Common App. You can apply to around 500 colleges by completing one application! If using the Common App, make sure to follow all of the necessary steps to make sure your transcript is sent.
    Create an account with Universal App. There are far fewer colleges (compared to Common App) but tend to allow more options for essay responses.
  2. We encourage students apply to at least 5 schools and always at least one in-state school


Fair Test | A list of every college that does not require standardized tests for admission.

Calculate your Index Score | Colorado colleges ranking index score (based on GPA and test scores). This should not discourage someone from applying since it is not fully accurate of each freshmen class or predictive.


Read all of the steps from Part One first!!

  1. After applying, move the college in Naviance from “Colleges that I’m Thinking About” to “Colleges that I’m Applying to”.
  2. You will need to pay an application fee unless you are on Free/Reduced Lunch. If this is the case, fill out a fee waiver in the Future Center.
  3. Make sure to request a transcript through Naviance under Colleges (AFTER APPLYING TO THE SCHOOL!). For help on how, please see our link on “How to request a transcript on Naviance”
  4. Determine what type of way colleges require transcripts to be sent by looking in Naviance. If the school that you are applying to offers the Common App, you must either:Match your email address in Naviance to the same as Common App and also complete the FERPA waiver on the Common App website to allow us to send your transcript electronically
    Indicate on Naviance that you will not be applying via the Common App.
  5. If the school only accepts transcripts by mail, make sure to bring your counselor a stamped envelope with the address of the college labeled appropriately.
  6. In roughly 6-8 weeks, colleges will typically notify you about your status for admission.
  7. BEFORE you receive award letters from colleges, determine how much you are willing to pay to go to college.