Collaborative School Committee

The Collaborative School Committee

The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) is an elected advisory board at GW. Presently we have 14 active members: four students, four parents, four teachers, one community representative, and the principal.

The primary focus of the CSC is the development and implementation of the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP). To this end we help guide the school budget, staffing allocations, and school design, always with the goal of furthering the UIP.


CSC Members

The members of the CSC for the 2017-2018 school year are:

Scott Lessard Principal
Jay Clapper Parent  June 2018
Kittie Hooke Parent June 2018
Adam Haynes Parent June 2018
Ron Sherman Parent June 2018
Mary Jo Minogue Community Member June 2018
Jennifer Harkness-Quintana Teacher June 2019
Kevin Vicente Teacher June 2018
Juliana Evans Teacher June 2019
Michael Wylde Teacher June 2019
Jake Fisher Student June 2018
Isabelle Maestas Student June 2018
Shahad Mohieldin Student June 2018 (
Lucca Raabe Student June 2019


  • CSC Minutes – 1/22/2018


    Shahad Mohieldin, Jake Fisher, Michael Wylde, Adam Haynes, Ron Sherman, Kevin Vicente, Kittie Hook, Mary Jo Minogue, Jay Clapper, Jennifer Harkness-Quintana, Juliana Evans, Andrew Schwartz, Lucca Raabe, and Isabelle Maestas.




    Current budget: $7.6 Million

    • Net increase from last year
    • District has allocated some items to the school – means a larger dollar number for the


    • We need to make substantial cuts – ~$300,000
    • Comes from our projected reduced enrollment (about 66 kids fewer)
      • Gideon Geisel – completely funded by Career Connect
    • Administrative costs
      • Lessard, Asst. Principal Greeley, athletic director
    • Teachers: $71,479 per head
      • Accounts for 74% of the total budget
    • Can the district prove their commitment to GW by funding us more?
    • We could make some cuts from non-salary expenses
      • Such as printing costs, etc.
      • We don’t want a surplus in funding either
    • 1171 or 1190 as working numbers for student total projection 2018-19
    • Mandarin teacher would be half time – only $16,000
    • Yellow ranking from means that we don’t lose any funding


    Budget Discussion

    • 25:1 9 th grade teacher to student ratio
    • 30:1 for 10 th – 12 th grade
    • Maybe drop one of the following teachers:
      • Mild moderate
      • Visual / performing arts
    • Can we share teachers with Delta?
      • Yes, theoretically, but nothing is set in that way yet
      • The bell schedule does conflict
    • World language is pretty limited – no non-honors French class now, a lot of the DPS curriculum is designed for three years
    • Freshman Seminar is tough to cut – not a single FTE – split across many subjects and taught by many teachers


    Budget Cut Options

    • Library Para, PE, Visual Arts, Mild Moderate
      • Library is important – upgrades this summer, access for computers, printers
      • Visual arts and PE – both are non-academic electives – good to have an option
    • Math Tutor, JFS Psychologist, RJ Coordinator
    • RJ Coordinator
    • 2 feels a little excessive – 1 could be an option


    Budget Interim Decisions

    • Option A: We’re only looking to find $216,000 in reductions
      • Less likely – maybe 10%
    • Option B: Cut $301,000 (less optimal but more likely)


    Final Budget Decision for RIBs

    • E.
    • Visual/Performing Arts
    • RJ coordinator
    • Math Tutor
    • Mild Moderate
    • JFS (full time)
    • If possible we will work with the district to save the visual/performing arts position.




    2/5/2018 – 4:30pm