Collaborative School Committee

The Collaborative School Committee

The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) is an elected advisory board at GW. Presently we have 14 active members: four students, four parents, four teachers, one community representative, and the principal.

The primary focus of the CSC is the development and implementation of the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP). To this end we help guide the school budget, staffing allocations, and school design, always with the goal of furthering the UIP.


CSC Members

The members of the CSC for the 2017-2018 school year are:

Scott Lessard Principal
Jay Clapper Parent  June 2018
Kittie Hooke Parent June 2018
Adam Haynes Parent June 2018
Ron Sherman Parent June 2018
Mary Jo Minogue Community Member June 2018
Jennifer Harkness-Quintana Teacher June 2019
Kevin Vicente Teacher June 2018
Juliana Evans Teacher June 2019
Michael Wylde Teacher June 2019
Jake Fisher Student June 2018
Isabelle Maestas Student June 2018
Shahad Mohieldin Student June 2018 (
Lucca Raabe Student June 2019


  • CSC Minutes 10/2/2017


    Shahad Mohieldin, Isabelle Maestas, Scott Lessard, Kevin Vicente, Jennifer Harkness- Quintana, Juliana Evans, Michael Wylde, Mary Jo Minogue, Jay Clapper, Adam Haynes, Ron Sherman, Eric Sherman




    • Parent Satisfaction Survey
      • Overall positive trend
      • From 2015 the overall satisfaction of academics moved
      • District:
        • 2015- 82%
        • 2016- 83%
        • 2017- 84%
      • School
        • 2015- 66%
        • 2016- 73%
        • 2017- 72%
      • There are 5 response options
        • Strongly agree
        • Agree
        • Disagree
        • Strongly Disagree
        • They only account for agree and strongly disagree
      • District average only secondary
      • Mailed out in Spanish and English
      • Met the 20% threshold
      • This means that it will be counted
      • Thanks to P3 for the help with growth in the school
      • Mr. Lessard’s focus
        • 79% was the average for the school
        • 80% is the benchmark
    • Student Satisfaction Survey
      • Response rate went from the 64% to 35%
      • Overall positive trend
      • Growth of 2% in “I am getting a good education at my school”
      • A goal is using Infinite Campus to show families what their students are doing in class
      • There was a jump in the atmosphere
      • Peer tutoring has helped a lot
      • 96% on “my school encourages me to go to college”
      • Students take it during school
      • GW is about the district in its average on family
      • We need to continue to work on everything
      • Communication has greatly increased
        • There are opportunities to increase communication on teacher level
        • Teachers can use I.C. to communicate with families
        • Sending weekly emails letting families know what their students are working on in class
        • How many families have access to internet at home?
      • How can we increasing the amount of parent participation in Back to School Night?
      • Some families can only come certain times
      • Investigating where we see lack of participation
      • We are collecting data on the area and languages spoken in the GW community
      • There are 60 different languages spoken
      • P3 is making every possible effort to bring in families
      • We could host a presentation in native languages
      • Arabic and Spanish are the most spoken
      • We should have Multicultural Day/Night
      • Some historic problems are safety and security issues
      • We want to continue to build the academic environment
      • Introductions to new students
    • State of the school
      • October count: 1237
      • The district is feeling good
      • They used the number in September for October count
      • The cooling project should almost be done
      • There will be some cold rooms
      • The Bond Project is in the mist
      • Number 1 priority is the windows,
      • they will cost around $2 million
      • they are going to be double paned
      • Number 2 is the locker rooms
      • Number 3 is the student’s bathroom will cost around $800,000
      • Number 4 is the library
      • Want it to be fully staffed
        • We filled the French teacher spot
      • SPF did great in some areas
        • The school won’t be green
        • Equity indicator is 45
        • We are 50.17 for academics but need to be 50.5
        • Great growth in 9th grade English
      • Teachers are collaborating once a week
      • We recently won the safety award
      • GW Speech and Debate are currently first in the state and ninth in country
      • The voter registration drive went well
      • We have more work to do as a school
      • The district will continue to reach in and support us
      • Last year there were only 18 suspensions
      • Going to try and reduce the opportunity gap
      • How do we give them the skills they need?
      • All three pathways are legitimate
      • Random facts
        • GW Athletics had the largest G.P.A
        • 94% pass rate went down to 80%
        • Made more students pass
        • Make sure they have college credit in
        • Students will need to take standardized test to graduate starting with this years freshmen
      • Big Focus
        • PSAT in every content area
        • All students should be able to write an argumentative essay
        • Next Step
        • Giving students the steps to do well on the PSAT
        • Advisors
        • Senior advisors
        • SAT/ACT prep for juniors
        • Every sophomore is meeting with a college advisor/ parent interest inventory
        • Required to graduate
        • We have put more resources in the classroom for 9th graders
        • At least 2 adults in the classroom
        • How do we do a better job of supporting our students?
        • PSAT for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade is very helpful
        • State decided to use the PSAT





    11/6/22017 – 4:30pm