Collaborative School Committee

The Collaborative School Committee

The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) is an elected advisory board at GW. Presently we have 14 active members: four students, four parents, four teachers, one community representative, and the principal.

The primary focus of the CSC is the development and implementation of the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP). To this end we help guide the school budget, staffing allocations, and school design, always with the goal of furthering the UIP.


CSC Members

The members of the CSC for the 2017-2018 school year are:

Scott Lessard Principal
Jay Clapper Parent  June 2018
Kittie Hooke Parent June 2018
Adam Haynes Parent June 2018
Ron Sherman Parent June 2018
Mary Jo Minogue Community Member June 2018
Jennifer Harkness-Quintana Teacher June 2019
Kevin Vicente Teacher June 2018
Juliana Evans Teacher June 2019
Michael Wylde Teacher June 2019
Jake Fisher Student June 2018
Isabelle Maestas Student June 2018
Shahad Mohieldin Student June 2018 (
Lucca Raabe Student June 2019


  • CSC Minutes – 12/4/2017


    Scott Lessard, Kevin Vicente, Ron Sherman, Jay Clapper, Adam Haynes, Mary Jo Minogue, Jeniffer Harkness-Quintana, Juliana Evans, Kittie Hook, Isabelle Maestas, Jake Fisher, Michael Wylde, Shahad Mohieldin, and Lucca Raabe.




    Possible Meeting with Carrie Olson

    • Possible meeting with Carrie Olson, the District Board Member for GW
    • What can we do to make the scoring process more fair?
    • Compare similar schools – ensure they’re accurate
    • How we are getting downgraded for percentage passing when overall test taking of college level classes and college readiness is increasing
    • Successes of the GW community – IB, Student input
    • Understand her opinions on SPF – changes or not
    • Traditional schools and how to succeed
    • Discuss future meetings on a regular basis – quarterly

    Bond Update – 4:45

    • Bid for windows, student bathrooms, two bathrooms and locker rooms, greenhouse, gym, and privacy fence are all within budget to improve
    • Library improvements are important to maintaining public image. Increased budget has been requested to provide this renovation while not jeopardizing other improvements.
    • Investment into school maintenance could improve savings in other areas in the future
    • Possible sponsorship of the greenhouse
    • New Lights in the entrance to the school

    Future Programs – 5:00

    • UNC has given two candidates for a new Mandarin program, to be met with the following semester
    • Likely to be part time teachers
    • Denver Language School can feed into GW Mandarin education
    • Classes would be most likely Level 1, Ab Initio, and AP
    • To be decided in the following months
    • Engineering class implementation next year

    Greenhouse Mural 5:10

    • Possible student-painted mural
    • Likely outside party to paint a student-selected vision on the inside of the Greenhouse Wall




    1/8/2018 – 4:30pm