Collaborative School Committee

The Collaborative School Committee

The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) is an elected advisory board at GW. Presently we have 14 active members: four students, four parents, four teachers, one community representative, and the principal.

The primary focus of the CSC is the development and implementation of the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP). To this end we help guide the school budget, staffing allocations, and school design, always with the goal of furthering the UIP.


CSC Members

The members of the CSC for the 2017-2018 school year are:

Scott Lessard Principal
Jay Clapper Parent  June 2018
Kittie Hooke Parent June 2018
Adam Haynes Parent June 2018
Ron Sherman Parent June 2018
Mary Jo Minogue Community Member June 2018
Jennifer Harkness-Quintana Teacher June 2019
Kevin Vicente Teacher June 2018
Juliana Evans Teacher June 2019
Michael Wylde Teacher June 2019
Jake Fisher Student June 2018
Isabelle Maestas Student June 2018
Shahad Mohieldin Student June 2018 (
Lucca Raabe Student June 2019


  • CSC Minutes – 11/6/2017


    Juliana Evans, Jennifer Harkness-Quintana, Shahad Mohieldin, Jake Fisher, Lucca Raabe, Isabelle Maestas, Mary Jo Minogue, Kittie Hook, Jay Clapper, Adam Haynes, and Ron Sherman.




    Bond Update – 4:35

    • Completed with cooling system
    • At end of month upcoming project will go to bid
      • Windows
      • Locker rooms
      • Team space in girl’s locker room
      • Upgrade swim locker rooms
      • Student bathrooms
      • Library renovation
      • Science and art rooms renovations
      • Wall outside to hide dumpsters
      • Greenhouse renovation
      • Gym improvements, curtain, and sound system
      • District may also replace lighting
    • Mill Levy was used to fund more technology in the school
    • GW will look at ways in which technology can better be used in the classroom


    New Programs for 2018-2019 – 4:50

    • Mandarin Classes
      • UNC has a program that will license students to teach mandarin in school
      • Collaboration with parents
      • May be an extension with the Denver Language School
      • Mandarin classes may assist in recruitment
      • It is unclear whether these teachers would be full or part time
    • Engineering Program Pipeline
      • Maker’s Space
      • Students will teach others engineering principles
      • Infused with art
      • Working with Mr. McNeil
      • With 3-D Printers and a laser cutter
      • Possible pathway
      • It is unclear whether this will become a CTE, for now it will be in house
      • May include robotics
      • Possible partnership with companies to get internships


    School Performance Framework Presentation – 5:05

    • District rating based on a number of indicators
      • Connected to teacher salary
    • GW earned a 50.27% and a 50.5% is required to be green
      • GW is yellow this year
      • Academic Gaps metrics are yellow
      • Since the equity indicator is yellow, a green rating was not possible
    • Green on Academic Gaps for English learners
      • CMAS English tests demonstrated a growth increase of 36.5
    • Red on growth of students who receive FRL
      • Specifically, on the SAT
      • Achievement gap is based on comparing all FRL vs all non-FRL scores
    • GW is yellow in the indicator measuring the academic achievement for students of color
      • Gap between CMAS growth percentages was too wide
    • GW is committed to closing the gaps for all our students


    • High growth in 9th grade English
    • Outperforming the district
    • GW is blue in increasing enrollment in rigorous course enrollment
    • Growth in concurrent enrollment classes
    • GW meets expectations for college readiness and graduation rates
    • Student Perception survey results are green
    • GW is yellow on the parent satisfaction surveys

    Next Steps

    • Develop professional development to support teachers with PSAT and SAT
    • Plan for the transition from CMAS to PSAT 9
    • Communicate with community
    • Analyze data for all groups of students to address their needs
    • DPS is the only district in the state that has the SPF
    • GW is working on improving communication from the classroom to parents


    There will be a cultural night on December 7 or 14. More information will follow.




    12/4/2017 – 4:30pm