Collaborative School Committee

The Collaborative School Committee

The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) is an elected advisory board at GW. Presently we have 14 active members: four students, four parents, four teachers, one community representative, and the principal.

The primary focus of the CSC is the development and implementation of the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP). To this end we help guide the school budget, staffing allocations, and school design, always with the goal of furthering the UIP.


CSC Members

The members of the CSC for the 2017-2018 school year are:

Scott Lessard Principal
Jay Clapper Parent  June 2018
Kittie Hooke Parent June 2018
Adam Haynes Parent June 2018
Ron Sherman Parent June 2018
Mary Jo Minogue Community Member June 2018
Jennifer Harkness-Quintana Teacher June 2019
Kevin Vicente Teacher June 2018
Juliana Evans Teacher June 2019
Michael Wylde Teacher June 2019
Jake Fisher Student June 2018
Isabelle Maestas Student June 2018
Shahad Mohieldin Student June 2018 (
Lucca Raabe Student June 2019


  • CSC Minutes 9/11/2017


    Kevin Vicente, Jay Clapper, Juliana Evans, Michael Wylde, Scott Lessard, Ron Sherman, Mary Jo Minogue, Jennifer Harkness-Quintana, Shahad Mohieldin, Isabelle Maestas, Adam Haynes, and Kittie Hook




    • Michael Johnson Visit
      • Praise for GW scores
    • One George success
    • DCTA contract
      • 5 year contract
      • Test scores still haven’t come back yet
    • Single score for DPS(?) or three different scores
      • Growth in parent response – academic concern (close to green)
      • Student perception service is green – best region is academic
      • SPF
      • Goal of all schools green/blue by 2020
      • Equity indicator – works well for not diverse schools because it’s not there
      • Reallocate resources to bring kids up
      • Green in 2016-2017 at GW
      • Huge growth in English, good growth in math
      • Sparks competition between schools as a result
      • Innovation Zones
        • Go through a process to become innovation school, requires application, teachers, etc.
        • Combined innovation schools = innovation zones
        • Additional budgeting
        • Allow a tighter relationship to the district or a looser one
        • Possibility of GW as an innovation school
        • Requires longer school days/years
    • Positions – filled
      • 3 parents
      • 1 Adult member of school recognized organization
      • 4 teachers
      • 3 students
      • 1 community member
      • Principal
      • Need to find new members after the seniors leave
      • Possible new community member(s)?
      • More student voice – NHS, Student Council
    • New School – DELTA @ GW
      • Bi-weekly meetings between the principals
      • 20 GW Students moved into the program
      • 68 students overall
      • School for kids with not enough credits and need smaller environments
      • Helps engage in their education and gain credits quickly
      • Smaller class size and environment
      • 1 Day of nursing/psych services – $20000 savings/year
      • Tech help – $5000 savings/year
      • Transition Liaison
      • Sharing classrooms
      • Use classroom in the afternoon
      • Issues worked out
      • Students are respectful
    • Counselor Update
      • Successful, diverse background and qualified
      • Student feedback is positive
      • Whole-scale change was difficult for counseling department
      • Separated into social-emotional and advisors
      • Future Center success
      • Ms.Rainey replaced Ms.Hall
    • State of the School
      • Highest growth in the district 9th grade english
      • SAT scores were okay given to all not just those who wanted to take them
      • AP & IB scores were good
      • IB scores were well above international average
      • AP scores are going up
      • Rigor in 9/10 grade is increasing and helping scores go up
      • 205 students passing and got credit at CU Denver vs last year was only 94 students
    • Budget
      • $128000 carry-forward to this year instead of expected $60000
      • Required to get competitive bids
      • Creates restrictions
      • Freshmen classes are under 25 students and have 2-3 teachers in the classroom
      • Tech budget is at $225000 vs $40000 previously
      • Teacher technology – Promethean boards
      • No teacher has made a request for books that hasn’t gotten them
      • Lessard went through the English books
      • Good turn around with teacher orders
    • Bond
      • Cooling system is tied into the unit ventilators
      • AC should be connecting to the water supply in the next couple of weeks
      • $4.61 m of cooling
      • In the spring of 2018, the windows will be replaced with double panes and inside shades
      • $2 m for the windows
      • Every student bathroom with be refurbished
      • $700000 – Redoing of the locker rooms
      • $1 m – Renovation to the library
      • $300000 – Greenhouse
      • 2 science and 2 art projects are being redone
      • Sound system in the gym
      • LED light replacement




    10/2/2017 – 4:30pm