Counseling Department

12th Grade Naviance Requirements

Update Your 4-Year Course Plan

  1. Click on the “About Me” tab.
  2. Click on GWHS Academic Course Plan.
  3. Click on each course taken
  4. Select the requirements to view all available courses. Use your transcript to edit your 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade courses. Add all courses you are scheduled to take this year.

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Naviance about me home
gwhs academic plan

College Essay or Personal Statement

  1. Go to the About Me tab
  2. Click on the DPS Draft of College Essay/Personal Statement
  3. Start typing your essay or copy and paste it from a saved location. Minimum requirement is 3 paragraphs.
  4. Click on Update to save your work

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Naviance about me home
about me

My iCAP Survey

  1. Click on About Me tab.
  2. Click on the My iCAP Survey
  3. Complete the survey for 12th grade only
  4. Click on Save and I am Finished

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Naviance about me home
my icap

Apply To At Least One College

You can either apply through Naviance using the Common Application or you can select which colleges you have applied to already through a separate application and add them to your list.

  1. Go to the Colleges tab.
  2. Click on Colleges I Am Applying To
  3. Use the common application or scroll down and click on Add Colleges To This List
  4. Select the Type of admission and use the Lookup tool to find the name of the college you are applying to. Add at least one college. Check I have submitted my application on the right hand side. Then click Add College.

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Colleges tab
colleges i'm applying to


Upload a Resume

  1. Go to the ABOUT ME tab
  2. Look under the heading Interesting Things About Me, and click on journal, Click on +add new entry
  3. Select Type as Other
  4. Type in Subject as “Resume 2016”
  5. Share with Counselors and Teachers
  6. Click the Browse button to select the resume file from your computer, and select Attach
  7. Save your entry by clicking “Add Journal Entry” at the bottom of the page.

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Naviance about me home
add a new entry1
Uploading resume options

Create a resume in Naviance

  1. Click on About Me tab.
  2. Under Interesting Things About Me click on Resume
  3. Click on Add a New Entry
  4. Complete all relevant sections related to other specific achievements, etc.
  5. When finished, click Customize Your Printable Resumes
  6. Click Create a New Print Format
  7. Add all fields that you would like included and click Save and Close at the bottom

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Naviance about me home
add a new entry
printable resume

Senior Exit Survey

Available 2nd Semester

  1. Go to About Me tab
  2. Click on DPS Class of 2016 District Exit Survey
  3. Take the survey, it is 18 questions
  4. Click on Submit Answers 

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Naviance about me home