GW Writing Center


Our Mission

George Washington High School advances all learners' academic and interpersonal skills through empowering productive members of a global society, actively engaging in innovating and world-changing pursuits, and preparing for success in high school, college, and career. 

GW Writing Center

The writing center is an extra opportunity for students to receive help on their assignments for English classes. Held in Room 209 every day during lunch, students will work with Ms. Prosser to improve upon writing assignments ranging from paragraphs to full essays.

Ms. Prosser will sit down with students and work one-on-one with them to help improve on their writing. No matter the English class, no matter the writing project, Ms Prosser will help to identify areas of strength and rework places that need improvement.


Any student who needs help with a writing assignment from an English class.

Students end up at the writing center one of two ways. Option one, the student’s teacher recommends that they attend the writing center to work on a particular assignment. Option two, the student self-selects and decides to come in for help on any assignment for English class.


Come in at lunch or after school (before 3:00) any day and sign-up for the writing center on the chalk board in Ms Prosser’s room (209). Then come in at the beginning of lunch on the scheduled day.

When you attend the writing center, bring in any and all materials related to your particular assignment: rubrics, drafts, instruction sheets, notes.

Following conferences at the writing center, Ms Prosser can call guardians/parents to discuss their child’s progress in writing and any other issues that arose. Both teachers and guardians/parents can request phone calls home from Ms Prosser.

Please note that the writing center is only available to help students on English class assignments. Ms Prosser will not be able to assist with assignments for social studies classes or papers for any other classes.


Ms. Prosser, aka Cap, is a George Washington English teacher. This is her second year at George. She teaches English II Honors and African American Literature. She is also a graduate of Denver Public Schools.