Proud Patriot Parents

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P3 Community Meetings feature topical conversations for all interested GW parents, relatives and guardians.  Outside experts offer ideas and information on relevant topics for parents of high schoolers, and GW leaders help “localize” the discussion.  In addition, P3 Community Meetings include opportunities for parents to get to know each other and learn how to get involved as Proud Patriot Parents.  Community Meetings take place in the evenings at GW approximately once each quarter.  Snacks, interpretation and child care services are provided.

Community Meeting – P3 Celebrations and Reflections
P3 Organizer: Libby Neid (

Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: GW Community Room
Details: Snacks, childcare, and interpretation services will be provided.

Proud Patriot Parents (P3) will join together to celebrate and reflect on the organization’s inaugural year.  We invite the GWHS community to help P3 “look back” and “look ahead” as we strive to meet the P3 goals of being a welcoming, inclusive and unified school community, and advocating for the success of GWHS students and families.  Every voice is important to ensure P3 is a vibrant and representative organization.

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P3 Parent Feedback Forums are direct-feedback meetings between all interested GW parents, relatives and guardians and school leaders.  The focus is to discuss, share, receive feedback and propose solutions on topical subjects at GW including administration, athletics, academics, counseling and communications.  Parent Feedback Forums take place in the evenings at GW approximately once each quarter.  Snacks, interpretation and child care services are provided.

2016-2017 Parent Feedback Forums – Outcomes

Guidance Counseling:
Significant changes are afoot to meet the needs of the students’ mental health and career and college readiness. The GW Student Services Center will open in 2017-2018. There will be additional psychologists and social workers who will focus on student social-emotional needs, and several new staff members will serve as career and college advisors. The academic advisors will still schedule students’ classes. In 9th grade, students will learn through their Advisory what being on track for college and career readiness means, what academic pathways and classes will enable them to meet their goals, and how to be on track to graduate on time while completing some college and career exploration objectives. In 10th Grade, core subject teachers will help students keep their portfolios on Naviance up-to-date and give additional guidance to students. In 11th and 12th grade, academic advisors will work with students on college, vocational and other post-secondary programs, helping them to develop their post-secondary plan.

We heard a need for better communication of important information like coaches’ contact information, schedules, and expectations.  You asked for it; you got it!  When your athlete is participating in a sport, you can now click on the GWHS website under Athletics and easily find your sport, with specific and detailed information.  In addition, families are receiving seasonal sports update emails with complete information on each sport, including coach introductions, expectations, practice and games schedules, weather policy, etc.

Also, look for pre-season meetings with coaches for your athlete’s sport. And, download the George On The Go app to have easy access to GW’s weekly sports schedule. Finally, the GW Athletic Department is inviting additional feedback via a post-season survey.

Moving into next year, the GW Athletic department is planning to host seasonal sports Open Houses with interested athletes, coaches, and parents.  Also, P3 is considering creating a P3 Huddle of parent volunteers to support the creation of Booster Clubs for each sport.

We heard about how GW is working to improve instruction in all academic areas, and we hope that parents will see their student(s) becoming more engaged in the classroom and their studies. One of the biggest changes in the school is the teacher-leader program, which incorporates coaching, feedback and evaluation from teacher-leaders, who are given extra time to work with other teachers. Not all teachers have requested coaching, but teachers work in teams with designated weekly planning time to improve instruction. An example of the kind of work done in coaching and team planning is to find ways of making student work more engaging, relevant, and challenging. If you see an assignment from a teacher you think is particularly engaging, feel free to thank them!

Feedback for GW’s Communications, Front Office and Administration was very positive. The GW Website, Weekly Roundup, Patriot Post emails and George On The Go app provide a wealth of helpful information and announcements. Future communications will highlight a portion of the GW website that may be overlooked, but provides important content. The GW Front Office Staff was recognized for being accessible, helpful and organized. GW Administration was recognized for thoughtful and open leadership with a focus on fulfilling the promise to students to have a wealth of opportunities and be college and career ready upon graduation.

We would love to hear from you! Please use the form linked below to sign up to receive more information about how you can contribute to the mission of P3.

Get Involved with P3

We are Proud Patriot Parents, relatives, and guardians committed to fulfilling the vision of One George, a unified school community. We advocate for the success of GWHS students and families by being welcoming and inclusive.

In 2016-2017, we invite parents to engage in:

Patriot Pride
Parents create opportunities to celebrate GWHS students and staff at school and throughout the community. Opportunities: Seek and execute innovative ways to connect the Patriot families back to the school (e.g., athletic events, plays, academic assemblies, etc.)

Parent Voice
Parents create a platform to contribute, ask questions and bring concerns to decision makers that support the school. Opportunities: Help to organize Parent Forums and other school advocacy projects.

Academic Support / Mentoring
Parents support students in becoming well-prepared outside the classroom. Opportunities: Serving as a tutor or a mentor; supporting the counseling center.

Special Events
Parents assist with organizing and volunteering for events by and for students. Opportunities: After Prom, Teacher Appreciation, Freshmen BBQ, Life After George Student Panel, etc.

Parents support grassroots fundraising to enhance GW’s academic environment and school culture. Opportunities: School Store, “Wish List” fundraising.