SLT Minutes 10/26

SLT Minutes 10/26
October 26, 2016 GWHS


Mr. Lessard, Mr. Bolz, Ms. Ozee, Ms. Ortiz, Ms. Bates, Ms. Weikle, Mr. McNeill, Mr. Singer, Mr. Lee, Mr. Camacho




Policy Regarding Department Allocations:

  • Mr. Lessard in charge of supply line.
  • Anything less than $5,000.00 does not need SLT approval.
    • Big ticket items (i.e. department budgets would not be able to cover)
    • Anything above $5k needs to be approved by SLT
  • Impact of students and value to students needs to be part of proposal.


Department Needs:

  • Mr. Lee mentioned economics & civics textbook needs
  • Mr. Lee is going to submit proposal for next SLT
  • Everyday line needs of Science department approved by Mr. Lessard
  • Ms. Torres expressed Foreign Language (F.L.) Needs: Chrome books cart for the Foreign Language (F.L.) department.
    • Suggestion to check inventory of chrome books before ordering a chrome books cart for F.L.
    • Once inventory has been completed, it will be assessed whether we have a cart to give to F.L. or if we need to buy a chrome book cart for F.L.

Mill Levy Tech Thinking:

  • Confidence in Mill Levy & Bond to pass
  • Representative reached out to Lessard about options to spend funds
    • $200/student or choose to be in a “pile up” $300/student
  • “Pile up” $300/student→ one chrome book per student
  • No flexibility in spending…must spend on chrome book for each student
    • Students will be able to take Chrome books home
    • Is the cost of a textbook cheaper or more expensive than a digital textbook with a 4-7 year license.
  • $200/ student
  • flexibility of spending
    • Can spend in specific needs not limited to Chrome books


Parent Teacher Conferences:

  • Documentation of 24 contacts (phone or in person) of different families and logged into Infinite Campus
  • Will take place in our own classroom
  • Date & Time: November 4th from 7:30-3:30 pm
  • If a phone conference occurs the week conferences are to take place, it can be counted as part of the 24 contacts.]
  • Recommendation to follow up with the parents who came to our first Parent- Teacher conferences.


Patriot for a Day:

  • 20 teachers
  • Recruitment efforts to grow our numbers


SPF Issues and Data

  • 42% gone up to 48% Overall
  • Need a 51% to be a Green School
  • 45% based on 9th grade CMAS scores
  • 51 I.B. students who’s scores were not counted in SPF
    • discrepancies with some IB students who’s scores were counted
  • Mr. Bolz looking into data


Pathways/ Co-location of Schools Clarifications:

  • There has been a conversation of possibly co-locating a school at GW
    • Have not heard back after initial conversation/ mention
    • Mr. Lessard has been sharing this information to make us aware
    • Option instead of co-locating a school is a Pathways (RFP) option
  • With creativity in the master schedule, Pathways option is preferable to co-locating (which would be a completely different schedule/ school etc.)
  • Example: If Mr. Singer is teaching seniors, it would be difficult for him to teach seniors who attended 2-3 days a week while participating in internship
  • With Pathways, Mr. Geisel has a teacher who can teach seniors while they are also working with their internship


Elevator Codes:

  • Concerns over too many students knowing the elevator code and using the elevators when they are not authorized
  • Change of elevator code is in the works


Chaos in Hallways:

  • Hallway “walk through” having a positive impact on our hallways
  • Still kids in hallway…what do we do about that?]
    • Open to suggestions
  • Ask security to please do walk-throughs during identified “troubled” periods/areas