SLT Minutes 1/12/16

SLT Minutes 1/12/16
January 12, 2016 GWHS

Members: Mr. Lessard (in lieu of Mr. Martinez), Ms. Erdevig, Ms. Lavizzo, Mr. Singer, Ms. Ortiz
Non-Members Present: Melanie Bryant
Members Absent: Mr. Martinez, Mr. Camacho, Ms. Bates, Ms. Lamitie

  1. Grading Process
    1. Moving forward we will begin migrating all teachers to the continuous grading.
    2. M for missing assignments, L for late assignments, X for exempt, T for turned in, Ch for cheated on assignment, I for incomplete, Dr for dropped
      1. For students who come into our classes late into a semester, teachers can exempt student from earlier assignments by giving an X in the grade book for those assignments
    3. One documented notification of student failing
  2. Assessments
    1. ACCESS testing for ELL kids
      1. Could students be taken out during Advisory or Electives or Core classes that don’t require 4 years for credit.
    2. April 19th (Tentative)
      1. ACT- 11th grade, PSAT- 10th grade, 9th grade English (3 hours)
      2. 11th grade science (may 10th or before)
  • 9th grade math (3 hours)
    1. Proposal is to take 3 block days and knock it out)
  • English Department
    1. Teachers need time to collect writing samples for ISA
    2. Timelines for expectations to prepare writing samples/data

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