SLT Minutes 1/25/17

SLT Minutes 1/25/17
January 30, 2017 GWHS


Members Present: Kristy Bates, Pedro Camacho, Marcus Lee, Derrick McNeill, Julia Ortiz, Sarah Ozee, Dan Singer, Scott Lessard, TerriLynn Vigil, SyRae Weikle,

Members Absent: Joe Bolz, Yasiris Torres

Non-Members Present: Kate Greeley, Samantha Smith




Co-Location School

  • There is not a co-location school that is not 80
    • Start small, we’re not going to get an influx of 100 kids
  • Career academy – grabs kids that are old and far and helps them get caught up – “over aged under credited”
    • What kinds of kids are they? How are they going to affect our culture?
  • Greely presented her experience of students working with kids from pathway school/ career academy as being Calm, more mature (Not kids being kicked out of school form other schools)
  • Boasberg changed vocabulary today and called it an “education center and careeracademy”
  • Question (Ozee)- CSC meeting with staff introduced this pathway school not as an “old and far” but as an alternative school for the students who are not being successful in school and are failing. Need clarification, what is the intention of this school/pathway/center
    • Answer (Bates)- It is a pathway school because there is nothing offered to these kids on this side of Denver Public Schools
  • Lessard: sent a pre-emptive letter asking for a pathway school in GWHS instead of having the district place a school at GWHS and put up walls
    • Students that are typically not graduating from our school so that we don’t transfer them out
  • Greely- Career academy/engagement centers, are within schools, are “old and far” and not being transitioned out for behavior management.
  • Lessard- would probably have 16 year olds here (vs. Emily Griffin who has 17-21 year olds)
  • Vigil- I don’t see how the environment is going to change for these 17-21 year olds while they are still with these 14,15 year olds, when they are still here with the same friends and influence.
  • Greely- our decision, would they go to the engagement center here or would they be transferred out? It will be the decision of the school.
  • Question (Weikle)- will it be considered a “choice” school
    • Answer (Greely)- it is not part of the choice process although it is a choice where you go
  • Question (Vigil) – will be they separated or integrated in the same class rooms?
    • Answer (Lessard)- Not in same classrooms, They will have their own principal,their own wing in the building. Probably have a separate bell schedule, maybe start later
  • Question (Ortiz)- Can we send you (Mr. Lessard) and CC all of SLT questions that we and the teachers we represent have? That way everyone has a chance to see what are the concerns and fears of the staff?
    • Answer (Lessard)- provide support, so we don’t have a drop out on our record since often they don’t enroll elsewhere they just drop out. As long as another school picks them up. In the pathway school, we can get our kiddos to graduate.


  • 2017-2018 school year has projection of 1,232 students
    • This year we had 1286
    • $200-300k to adjust
    • Compromises 4 positions- nothing decided
    • Add on to budget tech money and money for mental health services
  • Bond
    • GWHS is getting 11 million dollars/ spread through 3 years
    • 6 million district directed heating/cooling mitigation, lighting to LED
    • 5M is school directed/specific school goals
    • Money used to pay for facility needs not teachers
    • Replace windows (2M) to dual pane with a blind inside
    • Locker rooms renovation
    • Replace all chalk boards with dry-erase
    • Projectors mounted on ceiling instead of having on carts
    • Smart Boards
    • Adequate up-to-date furniture
  • Mill Levy
    • Is for instructional stuff/materials
    • Adding money for technology (~$100,000.00)
    • Adding Money to Math supports & other instructional supports for other(~$300,000.00)
  • Question (Ozee)- Can Mill Levy help alleviate RIBS?
    • Answer (Lessard)- Some places can relieve some stress but some can’t be used for people. For example Math, the levy if we need to could potentially keep the same number of teachers
    • Proposal to get an additional DDI for a total of 8
    • More structure, content specific DDI
    • Working directly with 9th & 10th grade teachers
    • $66k can be used for a new ELA/ Special ED person

Choice of Studies

  • School-Wide responsibility
  • Strong Staff Culture around picking right classes
  • More info at tomorrow’s PD (1/26)
  • Part of distributive leadership, hopefully, last week in April

UIP Focus for the Remainder of the Year

  • (Weikle) How do we make the tests important and create a testing environment that emphasizes that importance?
    • (Greeley) Making changes to testing environment already in the works after
      teacher input
  • (Ozee) How do we calibrate growth of the high kids?
    • (McNeill) Growth compare to caliber of other schools
    • (Greeley) Being compared to your peers, “apples to apples”
  • PSAT used this year as growth factor
    • SAT growth factor tool 9th, 10th & 11th
    • It won’t be just 9th grade CMAS
    • Khan Academy PSAT Practice 10th & 11th
    • No differentiation between PSAT & SAT, it’s ALL SAT
  • (Greeley) In regards to UIP Focus worksheets In February, come back with ideas or things that you’ve seen that we can continue to use and expand.
  • Testing dates/ environment- Planning on General SAT, PSAT testing all on the same day 9th-11th still on the works/draft form. Will get back tonus about building schedule.
  • QUESTION (McNeill): What percentage of student population are taking AP classes?
    • ANSWER (Lessard): Good Question, can look into taking practice AP tests

Friday Blue/Green Day

  • Morning until about 10-ish is reserved for PD/staff meeting
  • 10-ish afterwards, independent work

Problem Solving & Data Analysis (Singer)

  • Clarification on implementation of strategies in a lesson by February 1st
  • Nothing is due on February 1st only to please get to Ms. Greeley by this timeif you are interested in submitting evidence of implementation of instructional techniques.