SLT Minutes 4/5/17

SLT Minutes 4/5/17
April 7, 2017 GWHS


Ms. Bates, Mr. Bolz, Ms. Vigil, Mr. Camacho, Ms. Torres, Mr. Lee, Mr. McNeal, Ms. Ortiz, Ms. Weikle, Ms. Ozee
Presiding for Mr. Lessard: Ms. Adria Tate
Non-Members Present: Mr. Celine (Custodial Representative)




Cleanliness of Our School

Concern: Trying to attract prospective students, but our campus is disgusting and dirty

  • Not being clean on a daily basis/ weekly basis
  • Trash does not get picked up/ cleaned up
    • Small sized “winkie” drawn on the 2nd floor (towards English side), has been there all year. Very obvious.
  • Staff need to request cleaning on a daily basis but does not happen
  • Pool area has not been cleaned all year (lots of traffic due to swim team/swim dog swim team)
  • Especially in the basement level (1st floor always looks great)
  • No paper towels, soap in the bathrooms/necessary classrooms
  • Celine will bring our concerns to Mr. Salazar


Textbooks for Social Studies Department

District might buy new textbooks

  • Waiting on economics books
  • Economics not a widely offered class…hence wait period from district
    • Try to make it one more year without Econ books while we wait
  • Definite need for AP History
    • Do not know our numbers/ how many sections of AP there will be
    • Try to just order class sets
    • 132 sets, 2 teachers
  • World History cancelled last year because of numbers
    • Coupled with geography in order to have a year
    • Do colleges look at World History?
    • Colorado universities do not required
    • Out of State universities do accept
  • How does this affect our students?
  • Does this affect our IB kiddos?
  • We want pairings, no singleton classes
    • Difficult because we do not enough teachers to teach the classes hence “off periods” in schedules


PDU Journal

Clarification around the requirements for the PDU

  • PDU Journal is not separate, the power point that we are doing could be our“PDU Journal”.
  • Monday List was a list of possible evidence to turn in your for LEAP
    • List was given to staff so that the message of what forms of evidence is
    • Expectations from evaluators was not consistent
    • Hopes that no one is penalized for attempted evidence demonstration
  • Adria will bring these concerns to the rest of the Administrative Team


CMAS Testing Schedule

  • Not enough training, everything was done via email
    • Teachers searching through emails trying to figure things out
    • Small group/ collaborative teams most effective in CMAS training
  • Teachers felt unprepared for obstacles
  • Many steps, would be helpful to use Monday as refresher training
  • Could we embed CMAS Testing protocol in Thursday PDs
  • Technology was not reliable
    • Both computers and internet



Ms. Greeley took on the UIP and got input from several teachers to help start the process: Mr. Lopez, Ms. Ortiz and Mr. Bolz

CMAS Indicators

  • Indicators are broken down into sections (i.e. students of color, students with disabilities etc..)
    • Indicators found from SPF
  • We need to start prioritizing 9th Grade in order to make those colors shifts
    • Biggest indicator of student success is how they do their freshman year.
    • Supports PARCC & CMAS measurements
    • Increase 9th grade passing rate
    • Starting next year, credits are not enough. Students need to show competence in math and English.
    • Options to demonstrate competency is: ACT, SAT, AP, IB, CAPSTONE (portfolio), CE, ASVB
  • Push for concurrent enrollment classes in math and English in order to meet indicators
    • Will be a graduation requirement in the future

Eliminate Historical Barriers at GWHS

  • Why Equity?
    • Not just indicators, but inclusion into our academic programs
    • e. enrollment in science-> Pre-IB/ honors classes
  • Concern: classes lack diversity
  • Increase student ownership of personal academic growth and futureplanning
    • WHY: Post secondary readiness indicator
    • College remediation rate decreases (need remedial classes in college)