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  • GW’s Second Annual Patriots Scholarship Fundraiser

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    Join the GW community for our second annual Patriots Scholarship Fundraiser at Curious Theatre on Monday, March 19. The evening will feature food and drinks, as well as entertainment from some of GW’s talented performers, including student improv troup Pandamonium, student band ReWritten, teacher band The String Resistance, and Mike Wylde and Anita Chupp.

    Tickets are $30 each, or $50 for two, and will go on sale shortly. All proceeds will benefit the GW Patriots Scholarship Fund for our graduating senior class. For more information, please contact Mike Wylde (

  • Meet College Admission Counselors at College Connect

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    College Connect is Colorado’s first and only college fair for first-generation or low-income college-bound high school juniors. Students will have the chance to meet with admission counselors from colleges all over the country that want to match your commitment to go to college with their own commitment to make college affordable for you. Parents and guardians are welcome to join their students and learn about financial aid and scholarships.

    Registration for College Connect is open now, and ends on March 18, 2018. You can register at the Access Opportunity website HERE, or by visiting your college and career advisor in the GW Success Center.

  • Petition to Support Creation of RTD Youth Pass

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    Together Colorado, the Donnell-Kay Foundation, and other organizations are working to combat barriers to public transit access for youth and low-income commuters. This working group, along with their RTD partners, have the opportunity to recommend a package to RTD policymakers with a variety of transit pass components. Their proposed package includes:

    • The Youth Pass, which would be free to youth ages 12 and under. The RTD would also offer day, month, and year passes at a 70% discount for youth from age 13 through high school graduation.
    • A 50% discount for individuals/families at or below 185% of the federal poverty level.
    • A 50% discount for seniors and people with disabilities.
    • Discounts for bulk purchases.


    As the working group understands it, one package with some variety of components will be recommended to the RTD staff at their upcoming meeting on February 27, 2018. However, there is still a lot of work to do. The above pass components need to be recommended to the RTD Senior Staff, who will then put forth the recommendations they choose from the pass working group to the RTD Board. The RTD Board will then vote on the recommendations.

    The RTD Pass Working Group’s goal is to collect signatures in support of RTD Youth Passes and Low-Income Passes to include in their presentation at the February 27 meeting. If you are interested in either or both of these proposed programs, please sign the petition HERE, and share the link with your networks. Thank you for your support of this initiative!


  • P3 Parent Feedback Forum – Inclusion at George

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    P3 Parent Feedback Forum – Inclusion at GW: Barriers and Opportunities
    Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2018
    Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm
    Location: GW Community Room
    Details: Snacks, childcare, and interpretation services will be provided.

    Please join us for the March 14 Parent Feedback Forum, which will focus on inclusion at GW, specifically addressing barriers and opportunities. GW staff leaders will present the Unified Improvement Plan areas that focus on removing barriers and creating opportunities for all students. We’ll talk about how we can help more families feel a sense of belonging and purpose at GW. We’ll look for opportunities for more direct contact and meeting families “where they’re at.” During this conversation and listening session, participants will share feedback on the positive experiences they’ve had in these areas, as well as offer suggestions on opportunities for improvement.

  • Donations Needed for GWHS Testing Days

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    Hey GW Community –

    As you may know, the months of April and May bring many important testing events for our students. On April 10, our Freshmen will take the PSAT9, our Sophomores will take the PSAT, and our Juniors will take the SAT. In May, our students in AP and IB classes close the assessment season with exams in their respective courses.

    All of these exams are important indicators of college readiness – for both your child and the school. We want to see all learners at GW perform to the best of their abilities, and we believe that building a positive environment around these assessments can make a significant difference.

    To do this, we could use your help. We are asking families to help us create a positive environment by donating any of the following:

    – Healthy food/snacks that can be given to students before and during the testing
    – Prizes (that range in value up to $10) that can be given to the students after enduring some of the longer tests

    If you would prefer, we can accept financial donations with the understanding that we will use the money to purchase items to celebrate the efforts of our students.

    Please fill out the form HERE to indicate your donation so we can plan accordingly. Thank you for your support!