SLT Minutes


SLT Minutes

  • SLT Minutes 9/26/16

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    Members Present:
    Mr. Lessard, Mr. Bolz, Ms. Ozee, Ms. Ortiz, Ms. Bates, Ms. Weikle, Mr. McNeill, Mr. Singer, Mr. Lee, Mr. Camacho

    Members Not Present:
    Ms. Torres, Ms. T. Vigil

    Non-Members Present:
    Ms. Spence, Ms. O’Ryan




    Responsibilities of SLT

    Major Improvement Strategies

    • Student achievement
    • community outreach

    Scheduling of Events

    • Graduation
      • Thursday, May 25th @ 11am
      • We will shoot for day time graduation
    • Parent Teacher Conferences
      • November 4th All day Option (per district)
        • Attendance issues
        • Split up parent teacher November 4th date
      • 3:30pm- 7:30Thursday night / 11-3pm Friday (Nov. 4th)
        • Opportunities for group conferences
        • Might be too late to communicate with parents if we wait until Nov 4.
      • Sending Fail/D reports to students household AND have one conference day on October 13th, 3:30-7:30pm
        • Staff will vote on ½ day comp day Nov. 4th


    • Mr. Singer presented a proposal for Yearbook/Newspaper for a conference in Ft. Collins
      • Cost of bus 1,500.00- 3,000.00
    • Should SLT vote on budget?
      • Should there be a threshold on what expenditures go through SLT.
        • $2,500.00 and above goes through SLT. Anything below is decided by Mr.
          Lessard (not included for PD…PD system set in place last SLT meeting.)
    • $97, 200 General Budget (All school)
    • Art Department presented budget request for 7 macs, 10 dells and adobe
      creative suite $20,900.00

      • SLT Voted and approved these funds for the Art Department
    • Math, special eds, CTE, no requests
    • Social Studies- text books
    • Whole district will supply texts if we opt into new social studies curriculum (sponsored by district)
    • Sped needs $5k

    Mill Levy Vote in November- $11 million

    • 5 million to GW building
    • 4.5 million school
    • 1996 bond expiring
    • Mill Levy tax is an increase
    • Windows
    • Classrooms
    • Locker rooms

    Co-Locate a School

    • District wants to co-locate a school
    • Option→ Mr. Geisel creates a “pathway school” within GW

    Patriot For a Day, October 27th

    • Can SLT recruit teachers
    • How can we compensate teachers?




    October 26, 2016

  • SLT Minutes 9/7/2016

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    Members Present:
    Mr. Lessard, Mr. Camacho, Mr. Singer, Ms. Bates, Ms. Ozee, Mr. Lee, Mr. McNeil, Ms. Vigil, Mr. Bolz, Ms. Torre

    Non-Members Present:
    Mr. Geisel, Ms. Tate, Ms. Lara




    Taking students out of school during school hours?

    • Team discussed if this is an SLT decision or if this is an admin decision
    • Lee-proposal is that this shouldn’t be a department decision
    • Bates – stated that having a calendar of events
    • Lessard – responded that the school has one
    • Ozee – proposed that the principal approves fieldtrips but a process is instituted for individual student cases


    • 25 kids short
    • $280,000 short
    • $400,000 cost of Professional development & illness
      • AP/IB training is essential for teachers teaching AP/IB for the first
      • Possible solutions:
        • Have teachers write proposal to apply for PD funds
        • Determine tier I: teachers teaching AP and IB for the first time
        • Determine tier II: Teachers who are new teachers and would like/need PD
        • Determine tier III: Teachers who like re-freshers/personal growth, continue their learning
        • Will SLT be determining who gets their proposal approved
        • Have school absorbed the price of days (Professional Days) but teacher pays for the conference

    Problem: CCE (College Career Enrollment) kids are missing entire 4th period on Thursdays because of bus schedule

    • Possible solution: can we change our schedule Thursdays so that 4th period is before lunch not after.
    • Vote Taken: Unanimous decision
      • Schedule will change so that 4th period is now after period 2 and before lunch.

    Finals Schedule

    • SLT was presented for finals schedule for fall
      • Modifications were requested to start finals on the 16th, 19th and 20th with make-ups and time for grading on the 21st
      • SLT voted and passed the Finals Schedule with modifications
        • 1st Day of Finals starts on December 16th




    September 28, 2016

  • SLT Minutes 1/12/16

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    Members: Mr. Lessard (in lieu of Mr. Martinez), Ms. Erdevig, Ms. Lavizzo, Mr. Singer, Ms. Ortiz
    Non-Members Present: Melanie Bryant
    Members Absent: Mr. Martinez, Mr. Camacho, Ms. Bates, Ms. Lamitie

    1. Grading Process
      1. Moving forward we will begin migrating all teachers to the continuous grading.
      2. M for missing assignments, L for late assignments, X for exempt, T for turned in, Ch for cheated on assignment, I for incomplete, Dr for dropped
        1. For students who come into our classes late into a semester, teachers can exempt student from earlier assignments by giving an X in the grade book for those assignments
      3. One documented notification of student failing
    2. Assessments
      1. ACCESS testing for ELL kids
        1. Could students be taken out during Advisory or Electives or Core classes that don’t require 4 years for credit.
      2. April 19th (Tentative)
        1. ACT- 11th grade, PSAT- 10th grade, 9th grade English (3 hours)
        2. 11th grade science (may 10th or before)
    • 9th grade math (3 hours)
      1. Proposal is to take 3 block days and knock it out)
    • English Department
      1. Teachers need time to collect writing samples for ISA
      2. Timelines for expectations to prepare writing samples/data

    Next time…


    AP Courses with 0 passing rates…

    Classroom management systems especially for new teachers

  • SLT Minutes 10/12/15

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    SLT Members Present: Mr. Camacho, Mr. Singer, Mr.Martinez, Ms. Bates, Ms. Erdevig, Ms. Lamatie

    SLT Members Absent: Ms. Lavizzo

    Non-SLT Member: Mr. Lessard

    Expectations of BCC:

    • Use your professional judgment to decide where your work is most valuable
    • in the building or at the BCC cohort meetings.
    • If you are a BCC teacher and you are not planning on attending BCC
    • meetings, please contact your BCC coordinator to let them know you are
    • not going to BCC.

    Defining/Clarifying Blue and Green Days:

    Green Days, October 19th = Teacher Directed: teacher decides how to spend that time at school.

    Teacher Directed: August 18th ,19th and 20th, October 19th, January 4th, April 11, June 3 1/2

    Blue Days, October 20th = Assessment Days/ School Directed: grading, analyzing data

    School Directed: Assessment 10/20, 10/5, 1/5, 2/29th, 4/11th

    Teacher Directed: 1Ž2 August 18th ,19th and 20th, October 19th, January

    4th, 1/2 February 29th, 1Ž2 April 11th, 1Ž2 of June 3rd

    * The professional expectation is for teachers to work their contract hours.

  • SLT Minutes 10/08/15

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    Members Present: Ms. Lavizzo, Mr. Singer, Mr. Camacho, Mr. Martinez, Ms. Ortiz

    Non-members present: Mr. Lessard


    Planning Assessment Days

    • October 19
    • October 20
    • January 4 ”Teacher directed
    • January 5 ” teacher directed
    • February 29
    • April 11

    3 Evening Contractually

    • Sept 9 Back to School 4 hours
    • Oct 6 P/T Conf (8 hours)
    • Oct 8 P/T Conf? (4 hours)
    • Spring Conferences? (4 hours)
    • May 23 Graduation (4 hrs)
    • January 4th– one hour of “Welcome Back” & announcements



    November 2nd– Day off for Teachers

    Open to Teams:

    1. Best/ most effective way to disseminate that information to parents? Simple