Advisory Options

Advisory Options

All freshmen are required to take a freshman advisory that supports students in the transition from middle school to high school. We offer five options to students in order to satisfy this requirement. Read below to review our offerings!

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

What is AVID

  • Year-long elective course
  • 4-year Program
  • Academic Support
  • College Readiness
  • Access to Advanced Level Courses

Who Should Apply?

  • 2.0 – 3.5 GPS
  • Mid-High Test Scores
  • Good Attendance
  • Good Behavior
  • Willing to Work Hard
  • Want a Challenge
  • Potential to go to College

What Happens in an AVID Elective Class?

  • Learning with college tutors
  • Writing and note-taking fro all classes
  • Developing academic success strategies
  • Preparing for AP and other advanced courses
  • Visiting college campuses
  • Interacting with guest speakers
  • Participating in extra-curricular activities
  • Performing community service


In the first semester students will be in a project-based leadership course that develops student understanding and skills in such areas as communication, emotional intelligence, operations, and professional development. Students acquire an understanding and appreciation of the need for leadership skills. The capstone activity of the course is the implementation of a service-learning project. Throughout the course, students are presented problem-solving situations for which they must apply academic and critical-thinking skills. Formal reflection is an on-going component of the course. In the second semester students study Wealth Management, an accelerated financial literacy course in which High School of Business™ students actively learn to manage and build personal wealth. Students develop an understanding of the relationship between economics and wealth management, set personal and financial goals, establish a personal budget, manage personal finances, explore methods of generating income, determine insurance needs, and acquire investing skills and knowledge. To demonstrate their mastery of such financial literacy skills and knowledge, students engage in an intensive project to educate those around them (i.e., fellow high school students, adult member of the community, etc.) about wealth management, its importance, and its impact upon a person’s overall success in life.

Freshman Seminar

Designed specifically to support and enhance academic achievement in high school – this class allows students time to complete daily homework assignments in a structured work environment, learn valuable study and organizational techniques in order to meet the challenges of rigorous high school curriculum, collaborate with other students on projects, develop social mindedness through service learning opportunities, and get support from an academic advisor.


Army Junior ROTC (JROTC or ROTC or Rot-cee) is a family of about 280,000 American teens participating world-wide in this proven leadership and character development program. At some point, every cadet finds that he or she fits well into ROTC, whether it be the challenges of character growth, the activity of precision drill marching teams, physical fitness challenge teams, brain-bowl teams, and maybe even a cyber security oriented team. Everyone coming new into ROTC learns followership and progresses at their own pace into leadership roles, supervising and teaching peers and subordinates. The ROTC curriculum covers all four years of high school, but cadets are free to leave and return as their academic needs dictate. We welcome all students, IB, AP, honors, and traditional as well as our share of special needs students. All cadets meet with success as long as they are open to working with peers. ROTC is designed to look like a US Army “battalion,” with one cadet each year commanding from the top, while each class period is designed as a “company” with a cadet Chain of Command. There are plenty of opportunities for promotions in rank and achievement awards. ROTC is fun! The curriculum is interesting and very helpful to your high school and future success.


Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program

The Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program helps students adjust to and succeed in high school. It is an adult/student mentoring program offered to students who qualify for the federal free and reduced lunch program and who do not have a parent who attended a four year college. Freshmen and sophomores take a special first period advisory class which counts as and has the same content as the standard freshman advisory class. The difference is that, as a student in this program, you will have your very own trained adult mentor who will meet with you every Wednesday morning during the 1 and ½ hour block period. Your mentor will help you succeed at GW by checking in with you on how classes are going, assisting you with study skills, fostering good attendance and study habits, teaching you how to work with teachers and counselors, helping you to pick the right classes, providing encouragement and accountability and building a relationship by talking about school, life outside of school and the future. The mentoring program will make sure that you have the technology that you need to be successful. You will also learn about great summer and other programs for building leadership skills and getting you ready for college. We also have fun celebrations and outings. This program is for students who intend to take school seriously. Good attendance and a willingness to do and turn in work is required. If you would like to join this program, select this class for your freshman and advisory and contact Caren Press at or at 303-520-5432.