CSC Minutes 10/5/15

CSC Minutes 10/5/15
October 5, 2015 GWHS


Chin, Clapper, Danley, Fisher, Hook, Knickerbocker, Lessard, Martinez, Minogue, Weightman, Wollins


Old Business

  • Update UPDR modified weekly ” will continue to move forward
  • Budget
    • Start thinking about budget priorities for next year (for example 7 year 100K budget for books and 9th grade academy)
    • How will our October count impact our funding this year? Will not affect it.
    • How student funding is determined is a “secret.” It is difficult and costly to do a records request.
    • It was brought up to consider doing this just to document the answer we get and suggested that this process is started.
    • An editor at 9 News may be interested in pursuing this
    • All schools should have this information, not just GWHS
  • UIP ” how we develop major strategy (Instructional Superintendent)
    • Hoping to streamline many pages of repetition
    • Schools spending too much time writing their own plan; wants to make it more unified but there are different needs for different schools
    • The plan is met with all kids are performing at grade level. If it doesn’t happen, the plan has to be changed as the plan progresses
    • Right now, no work to be done on UIP by CSC
  • One George
    • Many aspects are being implemented
    • Some parents are working on student recruitment
    • Alyssa is taking sign-ups for volunteers
    • One George will continue but actual committees will decrease as implementations become more solid
  • Student Tutors for ELL Students
    • Harkness & Ms. Lara will be helping with this
    • Lara is the new language coach
  • Fund Raiser
    • Jose and Scott volunteered for an event to be held in April
    • Hope to have non-school related people be able to make bids
    • A stand alone event would be better, but space and timing can be an issue
    • The thought is to pair it with an established event to have more participation
    • A sub-committee will be formed with David as chair. Kitty volunteered as well.
      1. Can’t have function at GW if alcohol is being consumed
      2. If alcohol involved, students shouldn’t be involved
    • Possible use of conference room at rugby stadium
    • Info will be sent to Barb to send out to school

New Business

  • New Agenda Protocols
    • Why new protocols?
      • To make all minutes equal in protocols so they are easier to follow
      • To make meetings more efficient
      • Relational skills can interfere with getting work done
    • Barb’s approach from the last meeting (9/2015):
      • Share information, then disseminate
        • # 3 from the September minutes won’t be included
        • # 4 is for the purpose of understanding
  • Results of Survey
    • 25 respondents (mostly 9th grade)
      • 30% of participation is considered good
      • Shrink the request size to increase the response
      • Random surveys would be better as far as results outcome
      • Consider who would identify the parents to participate? Scott, or Margie, etc.
  • What can the CSC to do market brand GW to bring more kids in?
    • Example: students want to come to events but it costs most students (VB, BB, Wrestling) Sports that are hosted here have a student charge of $3 with ID
      • What is charged outside of the school can’t be impacted
      • How can money be raised to support / cover these student tickets?
    • Consider establishing a Press Release habit to get more information to the media
    • Communicate this to One George committee to avoid duplicating efforts
    • Consider having more ongoing questions at different events
      1. Difficult to gather and input those written results
      2. There could be a scan code on the back of tickets to programs, etc. that could be scanned and the survey done electronically
      3. This would be a way to determine initiatives within the school
      4. Surveys of different groups like teachers, students, mentors, tutors.
      5. Would need to determine questions to ask of different groups. Steven, Paul, Jay, and Barb will start looking into this.
      6. Also can discuss survey possibility with school paper
    • Mary Lane has improved the marketing materials
      1. Comprehensive nature of GW is important to the marketing of the school
        1. Sports
        2. Clubs
      2. One idea: “When you want your child to be more than one dimension…”
  • October 15 OPEN HOUSE
    • Barb, Jay, David and Ronda will help
    • Possible media event put on by district
  • Topic of building maintenance and dealing with bad windows seen from the Tennis Courts
    • Not part of the school budget
    • Windows are one of the top priorities for GW





November 2, 2015