CSC Minutes 1/11/16

CSC Minutes 1/11/16
January 11, 2016 GWHS


Barbara Chin, Jay Clapper, Stephen Arichea, Jake Fisher, Bryn Learned, David Wollins, Angela Danley, Renelle Weightman, Scott Lessard, Mary Jo Minogue, Kathryn Swan, Paul Knickerbocker, Kevin Vicente, José Martinez, Ronda Belen, Kittie Hook


4:38 | Meeting called to order



Professional Development
Grading policy (Department chairs and SLT will have to approve)

  1. There should be a minimum average of 1 posted grade per week, per student
  2. Every teacher should post updated grades to Eligibility by 8:00 a.m. each Monday morning, without exception.
  3. There should be consistency regarding assignment names with the grades associated with these assignments in Infinite Campus and Edmodo or any other electronic assignment submission software program
  4. George Washington High School should provide an in-depth professional development for staff and parents regarding setting up grade books and the use of the parent portal
  5. All grades should be posted in Infinite Campus within 5 days of the assignment’s due date for typical daily assignments and within 10 days for major assignments such as essays, projects, and research papers. The expected “posting” date should be communicated to students/parents.
    • Moving forward we will begin migrating all teachers to the continuous grading.
  6. Any accepted late work should be graded within 10 days
  7. All assignments in the grade book should have a grade or notation entered, ie. (M) missing, (L) late. There should not be “blank” values.
  8. Teachers should use “M” to denote missing grades to communicate to parents assignments that are not turned in in order to facilitate communication via IC
  9. Teachers should, when possible, enter assignments with due dates into the IC grade book in advance.
  10. Teachers should communicate their respective “system” of grading (6-week/continuous) via their syllabi to parents
  11. Teachers should have a minimum of one documented communication with a parent of a student who is failing
  12. Grading “points earned” should be well communicated and balanced over the course of the semester

Suggested bullet point:

  • Giving assignments back to students in a timely manner: conversation about students receiving essays and work back from students extensively after the due date without feedback on the work turned in.


  • Have we heard from Mr. Johnson?
  • After the CSC meeting a December a conversation was had with him about advisement and other programs. A budget for about a million was presented, Johnson said that this was too much and a smaller budget would need to be presented. Another meeting was had with Row and Johnson and it appeared that both of those representatives were supportive of GW. They suggested that a group of representatives should go to the next board meeting with a budget request for about $400,000. The meeting of the board will occur on Thursday 21, 2016.
  • No response on the formula for how schools receive the per pupil funding
    • Priority list/ spreadsheet
  • Nothing has been taken off the list; all of the priorities are still on there. This discussion will resume during the meeting on the 26th of January.
  • Made additional hires because many teachers were taking on a 6th class. The district said in September that we may not have the carry-forward that we were originally told. Budget projections came in today and we were about $100,000 in the red. We don’t have a hiring freeze, whatever is spent will be pulled out of the appropriate funds when they become available.
  • Potential faculty and staffing needs for next year
    • We will hire more teachers where there needs to be more hired, however we can only know that when we have our enrollment numbers and choice of studies has been completed.
  • The processes will be as open as possible keeping in mind privacy reasons.
  • Once our budget priorities and needs have been established and we have a number for what money we will have we can move money across the priorities as long as our bottom line items remain the same.
  • Determining what we want to do based on the money that’s given to us
  • February 13th= finalized budget

UIP Measures and Major Improvement Strategies (MIS)

  • Is the school on track to meet goals?
  • Thee high school network put together a schematic that is true of all schools and each school enters its own data
  • We’ve adjusted improvement strategies but have not changed them
  • College readiness= primary goal

One George Subcommittee reports

Auction | D. Wollins

  • 24th or 25th of March (?? Bad time)
  • David will update the above
  • David has a list of people who would like to volunteer to help run silent auction

Spirit | K.Hook

  • The spirit committee has a meeting on Monday. They are trying to get input from all the different student leadership groups at the school (student council, NHS, etc.)

Survey | S. Lessard

  • Can request more surveys, getting responses is the hard part. The school performance framework isn’t getting sent out this year, they are changing it to be more proficient based than growth based. It would be helpful to have more parents participate in the parent perception surveys.
  • Desire to get more students opinions.

Old Business

Parent shadow program- tabled until February

CSC Teacher of the Month Award | B. Chin

  • How should the process look? Should it be started next year or this year?
  • Having a nomination form on the website and in the office.
  • Idea of having a subcommittee that is responsible for this process of reviewing nominations.
  • Subcommittee with rotating students, rotating teachers, Renelle Weightman, and Mary Jo as the parent.
  • Title changed to Staff Member of the Month rather than Teacher of the Month.

New Business

Should cell phone use be allowed in the classroom? (To seek input for solution, to suggest an outcome) | J. Clapper

  • Yes, cell phone us is a consistent problem. There are cell-phone lockers that have been used in other schools.
  • Cell phones have a lot of benefits in the classroom for things like the internet and presentations.
  • Jay Clapper will draft a statement about cellphones that will be supported by the CSC

How are things going for Mr. Lessard? (To share information, to understand GW’s future)

  • The thing that keeps him coming back is the enthusiasm that so many people share for the success and the future of the school. With that kind of energy moving in one direction, anything is possible. Priorities: major facility problems, quality instruction issues, grading, discipline, and organizational issues.
  • TJ had a lot of success with their magnet program for technology and science. At TJ you could address problems as one group. That has been a challenge at GW. All of our efforts have to focused on what can help the broadest population such as things as the grade book reforms.

How many CSC openings will need to be filled this upcoming election? (To update, to evaluate openings) | B. Chin

  • We are losing parents, teachers, and classified staff
  • The number of how many spots we will need to fill will be presented at a later date




January 26, 2016 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm