Second Six Weeks – Patriot Powers Champions

Second Six Weeks – Patriot Powers Champions
November 6, 2016 GWHS

The second six-week grading period saw the introduction of a new Patriot Power, Communication, and another opportunity to recognize students and staff that display the Patriot Powers with consistency. Congratulations, GWHS students and staff, for making the Patriot Powers part of who you are. Your work is not only improving yourselves, but also impacting the community as a whole!

The following students and staff have been recognized by staff for displaying Patriot Powers of Professionalism, Attitude, and/or Communication.

Bryan Salazar-Cervantes
Jorgia Peterson (not pictured)
Yisel Justo-Santiago
Ronald Johnson

Lorraine Stark
Keith Norris
Britt Rosenquist
Joe Bolz