Freshman Advisement

Freshman Advisement
September 17, 2015 GWHS

With the summer nearly behind us, it is easy to forget how much hard work has gone into the transformation we are experiencing at George. Today I want to share with you one incredibly important part of this work ” Freshman Advisement.

The step from middle school to high school is daunting for many students regardless of how well prepared they are. To support our students in this transition and to unite our student body, GWHS has developed an Advisory Program for the entire incoming freshmen class that launched this school year. The Advisory Program operates on a basic belief that student engagement will increase academic achievement. GW is focusing on two types of engagement ” behavioral and emotional. Positive engagement in these areas leads to active participation and interest in school, a sense of belonging to our community, and a positive attitude towards learning.

Over the summer, the Advisory Design Team developed the program goals, objectives, and outline for the weekly structure of Freshman Advisory. Advisory meets four days a week for one class period, with the block day reserved for service-learning through the Denver University Public Achievement Program. The teams follow a community-organizing process that includes building relationships among the entire team, identifying issues students care about and conducting community-based research. The culminating product is a public work (service-learning) project to address the issues the students identified.

We are only a month into the school year and the new advisory program, but we are already hearing positive feedback from our students and teachers. I look forward to seeing it grow over this year.


José Martinez | Principal
George Washington High School