Teacher Incentive Fund

Teacher Incentive Fund
March 12, 2015 GWHS

Roger Chow is one of GW’s Assistant Principals. Mr. Chow’s focus is on designing the professional development program we are building for our staff here at George.

GW has been awarded a grant from the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) that will allow up to seven of our teachers to shift into hybrid roles that include both teaching and non-teaching time. Most of these teachers will spend half of their day teaching, and the other half providing guidance and coaching to other teachers. The grant allows us tremendous flexibility as we work towards improving student performance in our school and design a program that will genuinely support our community. For example, we could design a structure for voluntary peer coaching or to create a Math or Writing skills lab to support students where they need it most; it’s up to us to design the program that’s the best fit for GW.

We understand that in order to reach this vision we must fill these roles with talented teachers who have the support of the faculty, which is why we were so excited when 17 of our best and most effective teachers applied for these positions.

We are in the process of conducting interviews with these candidates. Each interview has three components:

  1. Analysis of instructional practice
  2. Analyzing trends in student performance data and recommending measures to improve performance
  3. One-on-on interview with a team of administrators and teachers

By April we will have completed the selection process and will introduce our seven new GW Team Leads at that time. Over the next year we will share with you the progress and results of their work as we continue to transform and improve our instructional models here at George.