Happy New Year

Happy New Year
January 8, 2015 GWHS

Welcome back and Happy New Year! 2015 is off to great start and I am excited to share some of the work we will be focusing on this semester.

Before winter break, the One George Steering Committee presented the One George Plan to district leadership. The report was met with enthusiasm and we are excited to turn these recommendations into action items. We are focused on four key areas:

  • Distributing our leadership responsibilities to give our teams the capacity to focus on the needs of the students and GW community.
  • Creating accessible academic pathways for every student who attends George.¬ No two students are the same, and we want to acknowledge and encourage every student‚Äôs unique journey.
  • Fostering an environment where an intentional school culture can thrive.
  • Developing support systems and learning opportunities that focus on student needs.

In addition to this exciting work from the One George Initiative, we will also be discussing additional ways to improve the learning environment here at George. Some of these proposed ideas include:

  • Closing campus during lunch for 9th and 10th graders starting in the 2015-2016 school year.
  • Moving to a 7 period day to allow for more valuable instructional time in each class.

If you are interested in joining the conversation about these changes, I invite you to attend the One George Community Presentation on January 27th at 6:00pm. We will be sharing the progress of One George, answering your questions, and asking for your involvement in the next phase of implementation. We welcome your input and action and would love to have you on board. I hope to see you there!


José Martinez | Principal
George Washington High School