November 13, 2014 GWHS

Last week Seniors took the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) test. This evaluation is the state’s way to measure student performance in the Colorado Academic Standards in Science and Social Studies. There have been a number of misconceptions about this test and how it affects a student’s performance here at GW. I would like to take a minute to respond to these concerns and explain why CMAS is important.

Your child’s performance on this assessment will NOT affect report cards or graduation eligibility. However, the state uses CMAS to evaluate how GW is performing as a school, and every student who misses these tests is like a zero in our grade book ” it brings down our overall score as a school. This is important because district funding allocations are tied to how well our students do on these kinds of assessments.

We need your help in making sure that GWHS performs as well as possible. We want to show Colorado that our students can meet and exceed the state standards. If your child missed the CMAS, please contact Cirila Jones ( to schedule a make-up time. The few hours it will take out of your student’s day will help ensure GW’s future as a home for Denver’s bright and dedicated students.


José Martinez | Principal
George Washington High School