Teacher Workdays

Teacher Workdays
October 16, 2015 GWHS

Next week there is no school for students on Monday and Tuesday! I imagine that students are looking forward to the opportunity for a bit of rest and a chance to get ahead in their school work.

For educators, teacher workdays are an opportunity to concentrate our efforts on particular topics. The two upcoming days are what we call “Teacher Directed.” This means that our staff is able to decide where to dedicate their energy. Here are just a few interesting things our staff will be doing next week:

  • The Special Education Department will be consulting with teachers to support students with IEPs, accommodations and modifications.
  • Teachers across all content areas will be coming together to collaborate in making modifications and scaffolds to support emerging bilinguals at all language levels.
  • Our Librarian will be leading training seminars on the use of Google Apps for Education.
  • Teachers will be working on Student Learning Objectives and data collection.
  • Teachers in our Math department will be meeting to focus on vertical alignment of curriculum and instruction so that all students can be AP and/or IB ready.
  • A handful of our teachers will be attending AVID Path training sessions on Critical Reading and Culturally Relevant Teaching.
  • Our Honors/PB teachers and IB leaders will be examining the success of the reformatted Honors/PB program.
  • The Career and Technical Education department will be meeting with teachers from around the district to collaborate with those who teach common classes.
  • I look forward to these days because it gives me a chance to see our staff working together to improve what we do every day.

Everyone have a safe long weekend. We will see you on Wednesday, October 21!


José Martinez | Principal
George Washington High School