A Martinez Minute - October 29, 2015

Honor Roll
October 29, 2015 GWHS
Tomorrow we will be holding school assemblies to celebrate nearly half of our student body ¬ who made Honor Roll in the Spring of 2015. In speaking with some students I know there is a tendency to brush this off as a minor recognition – so I would like to take a minute to explain why I believe this is such an important achievement for our community to celebrate.

First, I want to thank our parents and families. Without your guidance, encouragement, and love, ¬ students would not have the support to make the choices that lead them to success in school and beyond. For everything that you do to ensure that your student is at school and and supported in their goals, thank you.

To our students who have made Honor Roll – you are being recognized for more than just your ability to come up with the right answer on a test. In order to perform well as a student you are arriving every day, you are focused, and you are doing what needs to be done. You are making the right choices in a world of attractive distractions. Everyday you have an option – the fact that you choose to be engaged in your learning and in charge of your future is what we celebrate when we present you with an Honor Roll certificate tomorrow.


José Martinez | Principal
George Washington High School