Counseling Department

Schedule Change Policy

Before a student can make a change to their schedule, they must have their ICAP requirements completed from the previous semester. In order to view those requirements, go to the Naviance page above. Students are allowed to add/drop courses per district policy during the following periods and with the following terms:

Change a Course
Schedules will only be changed if they are wrong, not if ‘you don’t like it’. Schedules will not be changed to accommodate teacher or class period requests. Any exceptions will have to be approved by administration. The only reasons for a change are:

  • Graduation Requirement (short on core classes)
  • Short the required number of classes
  • College Requirements
  • Strengthening of schedule (level changes)

Students are to continue to attend their scheduled classes until an updated schedule is delivered to them in class. It is important that students remain in their classes in order to receive an updated schedule. If your request is not granted, you will receive an email to inform you. Your patience is appreciated since counselors will be managing a large number of requests.

Drop/Withdraw from a Course
A student may only change/drop a class during the first week of the semester. To drop an honors class, a note from a parent must be given to the counselor. To drop an AP class, along with a parent note, students must meet with Principal Scott Lessard. In both cases, a phone call will be made to the parent before the request is granted.

Minimum Class Requirements

  • Seniors must take a minimum of 6 classes
  • Juniors must take a minimum of 6 classes
  • Sophomores and freshman must take a minimum of 7 classes