Transcript Request

Transcript Request Process

Complete this process AFTER you submit your college application.

  1. Log onto your Naviance Account
    1. Username (sometimes it says email): DPS ID Number
    2. Password= 6-digit birthday (mmddyy)

Speak with your DSF college advisor (Future Center-113) or GW advisor (Success Center-112) if you are unable to log in.

  1. On the homepage of Naviance, you’ll see the Transcript Request instructions. Click on the link that says “Transcript Request.”
  2. Click on the blue “lookup” link.
  3. Select the college you applied to (you can use the search tools on the left side of the screen).
  4. Click on the “Request Transcripts” link at the bottom of the page.

Did you apply via Common App? If “YES”, You have more steps!

  1. Match your Common App Account to Naviance.
    1. Click on the “Colleges” Tab in Naviance.
    2. Click on the “Colleges I’m Applying To” link.
    3. In the Common App Account Matching box, add your email and click on the “match” link.

If your account does not match, watch the Common APP Matching videos on the home page of your Naviance account. Stop by the Future Center (Room 113) if your issues persist.

  1. On the same page, scroll down until you see you list of colleges.
  2. Under the “How Are You Applying?” column. Select the link that says “I’m Not Sure Yet.”
  3. Select that you’re applying “via Common App” and then click Update Applications.

Reminders and Notes

  • If eligible, you can receive an application fee waiver in the Future Center.
  • Allow the high school 1-2 weeks to process your transcripts. You can check the status of your request via Naviance. In high volume times, it may take longer to process, but do not worry! We will make sure your college has your transcript PRIOR to the deadline you indicate.
  • Once the high school sends the college your transcript, allow the college 2-3 weeks to process and update your account. During this time, you may receive automatic emails from the college stating your high school transcript is still missing; ignore these automatic emails. If you continue to receive “missing” notifications 3 weeks after your transcript was sent, visit the GW Future Center (113) or Success Center (112).