Be Inspired Fund Enhances Student Spaces

Be Inspired Fund Enhances Student Spaces
October 17, 2018 GWHS

Updated seating in the Pikes Peak Lobby with charging stations for computers.

The new GW Be Inspired Fund provides support for George Washington students in five main areas – classroom enrichment, student assistance, teacher mini-grants, building improvements and community outreach. The funds are being invested in many areas, which will be featured regularly in The Patriot Post.

The first building improvement project was to enhance the collaborative student environment in the Pikes Peak lobby. The update included tables with charging stations and additional seating to create a comfortable environment for students during lunch, study hall, off periods, and after school. “The Pikes Peak lobby is used as a place to gather, study, work on projects and socialize,” said Assistant Principal Kevin Maguire. “Students’ use of the Pikes Peak lobby has increased dramatically with the new furniture and charging stations,” he said.

Based on student feedback, the next building improvement projects supported by the Be Inspired Fund will include more outdoor seating for the South Courtyard and improvements to the school’s bike rack area. Project planning is under way and the fundraising goal for these building improvements is $3,000.

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For more information on the GW Be Inspired Fund, click HERE.