Be Inspired Teacher Grant Fund Enhances Learning at GW

Be Inspired Teacher Grant Fund Enhances Learning at GW
November 30, 2018 GWHS

Be Inspired Teacher Grant Fund Enhances Learning at GW

The new Be Inspired teacher grant fund enables GW faculty and administrators to request funding for materials and programming not covered by the school’s budget. Since last spring, the Be Inspired Fund has awarded eleven teacher grants totaling nearly $9,000.

Teachers and staff are encouraged to apply for Be Inspired funding to support unique opportunities, purchase capital items, encourage innovation, or expand existing programs. “Thanks to the steady giving from our GW community, we have funds available to distribute between now and the end of this year, so teachers should continue to submit requests,” says Jay Clapper, chair of the Be Inspired teacher grant committee.

Several examples of Be Inspired Teacher Grants include:

  • Engineering/Maker Space 3D Printer
  • New cameras for the journalism class
  • AVID Culturally Relevant Teaching curriculum books
  • Translation headsets for English language learners
  • SWIFT Advisory books for incoming freshmen students
  • Graphing calculators for students who are taking the PSAT
  • Folklore dancers for the Hispanic Cultural Assembly
  • Pluma, a new, local French language resource
  • Holocaust speaker and movie to augment United States and World History curriculum
  • Spanish field trip to the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council for a Day of the Dead workshop

To make a grant request, click HERE. Requests will be evaluated based on the criteria outlined in the rubric available HERE.

If you are inspired to make a donation supporting GW’s efforts to enrich the teacher grant fund and the overall education experience for our amazing students, please click HERE.

For more information on the GW Be Inspired Fund, visit the Be Inspired section of the GW website. Thanks for your support!


(Photo of Spanish students in Profe Torres’ class attending Day of the Dead workshop. Photo credit: Julia Jenulis)