CareerConnect Round Up – Presentations and Upcoming Events

CareerConnect Round Up – Presentations and Upcoming Events
October 26, 2016 GWHS

John Chapman IV from the clothing company Lawrence and Larimer came to speak to Ms. Ozee’s BusinessConnect classes last week in preparation for the launch of their second project. During the engaging presentation, John spoke about the importance of taking risks, asking questions, and communication – because you never know who might be listening. Using what they learned from the presentation, students will now begin researching the local business of their choice. The project’s culmination will be a Day of Presentation in December, during which students will share their findings with the local business. If you are interested in being an audience member during the day of presentation, let Gideon Geisel ( know.

MedConnect and BusinessConnect 9th grade students are preparing for a busy November, as they will have multiple industry engagement events to attend to. Craig Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, Denver Public Schools Finance Department, and UCD Cadaver Lab will be hosting GWHS students to highlight not only what they do at their respective places of business, but also what education and experiences along the way will help students achieve their dreams. Stay tuned and follow our Facebook page to learn more.