CareerConnect Roundup

CareerConnect Roundup
October 31, 2019 GWHS

We had the privilege of taking 13 Patriots on a Girls in STEM event hosted by AT&T last week. During this full-day experience, our students were treated to workshops with a focus on Coding, Electrical Engineering, the Internet of Things, Wireless Networks and Human Resource tips and tricks. It was an amazing day and every participant gave positive feedback at being able to attend.

UNITED AIRLINES MENTORINGThe 12 Business Connect students participating in the year long mentorship with employees from United Airlines spent Session #2 at the United Airlines Flight Kitchen. During the event, students and their mentors continued getting to know one another with team building activities, as well as beginning college and career research. The experience ended with a tour of the kitchen where we all learned what the process looks like to prepare food for 500 flights a day and the jobs that are associated with accomplishing these tasks.

Mr. Barotz’s Introduction to Business Class had their first presentations to industry last week. Representatives from Colorado Workforce Development Council, Denver Office of Economic Development, False Ego Clothing and Creager Business Depot provided groups with feedback on their Business Biography Projects. Every student was present and will take the feedback provided to improve on their next project, which will incorporate the nine functions of business. We cannot thank our industry partners enough for donating their time and ensuring that students received genuine and on-time audience participation and feedback.

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