CSC Minutes 10/24/16

CSC Minutes 10/24/16
November 29, 2016 GWHS


Scott Lessard, Isabelle Maestas, Ron Sherman, Shahad Mohieldan, Jake Fischer, Jay Clapper, Bryn Learned, Kathryn Swan, Steven Arichea, Jen Harkness-Quinatana, Adria Tate, Mary Jo Minogue, and Adam Haynes.




Employee of the Month (B. Learned)

  • Need to establish a committee to make the selections: parent, teacher, and student.
    • Kevin Vicente will be a teacher representative.
    • Jay Clapper will be a parent representative.
  • Shahad Mohieldan will be a student representative.
  • See attachment for rubric on how the employee is selected.
  • Update on plaque from J. Clapper.
    • Jay has a place in Cherry Creek to do the plaque and will present it the following Tuesday.


SLT Meeting Notes (J. Harkness-Quintana and S. Arichea)

What was meant in the SLT meeting when the following was discussed:

Co-Locate a School

District wants to co-locate a school.

  • Lessard has been approached by central administration about providing a different pathway at George. Could build on the medical pathway, or looking at the students who are at the highest risk and building a program for them to really suit their needs. Many of students need more services. Pathway schools have a different form of funding. So the district would fund it out of a different “bucket” than the rest of the GW. If you are a turnaround school then you are getting kids back up to grade level, but it could be called a turnaround pathway. Would be targeting students who are in the red zone for grades, attendance, or behavior to try and help our school better serve them.
  • Would it impact the per pupil spending? Enrollment numbers would impact the overall school budget, but per pupil spending is relatively consistent overall. So it would ultimately impact the overall population of the school so therefore the budget.
  • Would students still receive a George diploma? The diploma just says Denver Public Schools. Lessard suggests that it would be under the umbrella of One George, but the name on the transcript would be something different because that is the only way the funding will change.
  • Will staff be shifted? Staff would be impacted by these changes. If our enrollment numbers were to be adjusted downward to make room for this new pathway then we would have a reduction in staff.
  • Lessard ultimately wants this to be apart of the One George process and be doing this with the right intentions. He likes being GWHS, but there are kids at this school who are at a huge risk. And these kids could really be served by the creation of this program.
  • Is this program proven to be a success? The most important indicator is the relationship the student has with a teacher and then the relationship they have with the school. If the teacher only has 15 kids in the class, then there is a much more likely chance that they will be more successful. There are programs in DPS that have been successful.
  • Many of these students have been red zone kids from 5-9th grade and thus their chances of graduating are very minimal.
  • Lessard has not had any updates on this since September.
  • When we talk about traditional high schools GW and East are on there. But when you look at the turn around schools, the funding per student is nearly double.
  • This could happen, and if Mr. Lessard stays in front of it then we can make sure it fits into the One George philosophy.
  • What is the update on efforts to keep freshman and sophomores on campus during lunch and throughout the school day?
  • This is the first year that every student in 9th and 10th grade haven’t left campus. The purpose of this was to improve safety, issues around fighting and shoplifting, and increase the post-lunch attendance.
  • Right now we have teachers and administrators posted at different areas.
  • To date there has only been one issue with a 9th grader at King Soopers. This is down from 2-3 a week.
  • There are different colored ID cards for 9th and 10th graders and then 11th and 12th
  • If students are caught off-campus then they have 2 days of lunch detention.
  • The tardy rate after lunch has been cut in half.
  • Possibly will change that if a sophomore has good attendance, a minimal GPA, and are willing to go through the college readiness program then they could earn off-campus privileges next semester.
  • Is this an issue for the CSC to address?
    • Not really, but Mr. Lessard is happy to address them.


October Count (B. Learned)

When will the results of October count become available?

  • This is just the state day for paying the district the money. The count of how many students for budget purposes occurs in September.
    • If they aren’t already available, does Mr. Lessard think that we meet our projected enrollment from last year?
  • We were at 1282 in September. We had projected 1340 last year. We had the money to pay for this difference without any reductions in staff.
  • 9th grade enrollment is 400 currently, but 65 of them are returning 9th
  • We have about 60% of our school population who have George as their home-school. But there is no other school district that has the volume of schools that are an option for students.


Counseling (S. Arichea and M. Minogue)

Would like an update from Mr. Lessard as to how student’s needs are being presently met (or not met) from the counseling program at George?

  • Lessard has a team that is looking at different centers around Denver in order to establish what we want to do with ours.
  • Arichea has a list of needs that he has created with the counselors, the psychologist, and the deans. He has listed a point person and listed a support or admin for each of these needs. His concern is that there are some needs listed who don’t have a point person. He has also attached a guide that East has provided for which counselor to go to for which issue. This would be very helpful for the teachers to have because it would be a great resource for them.
  • If a student didn’t pass a class then their opportunity to retake that class is no longer in a traditional classroom. Thus their option is a credit recovery program. When this happens about 35% end up being successful in that system. We could offer a pathway that could be more supportive to this population.

What is the status on counseling positions?

  • We have one counselor that is going on leave, but we have a sub for her. Mr. Lessard also has a posting for a college advisor. Should be fully staffed: 4 counselors (including a college counselor).


CPAC Update (K. Swan)

Possible improvements for the use of the counseling department.

  • Woman who was filling in for the person who is the head of the counseling portion of this board was aware of the counseling issues, and she thought that if the mill-levy passes then counseling across DPS would be improved as a whole.
    • George specific maintenance
  • GW is also a priority for improving school maintenance. Want to have more staff so that there are more people available to come address issues if the mill-levy passes. Current issue isn’t the quality, but the fact that they are understaffed.
  • George could potentially receive money, 11 million, to improve things like the locker rooms, the heating and cooling systems, and the windows.


Safety in the North Lot (R. Sherman)

The North parking lot after school is very dangerous and chaotic. Is they anything that can be done to address these safety concerns?

  • Has been concerned with the dangerous situation that has become an issue on both the student’s and parent’s part. Many students aren’t paying attention as they are walking through the lot and many parents are moving through the lot carelessly.
  • There could be staff on site to encourage students to use the sidewalk as far as they possibly can before having to enter the lot.
  • Many cars block the middle of the intersection so there could be signs there telling parents not to block those areas to help with traffic flow.
  • What we depend on is the maturity of the drivers, but some of these are high schools students. It would take a lot of staff and signs in order to try and get kids to use the sidewalk.
  • Could potentially make it an exit only parking lot, but then the danger would just move to a different area.
  • Could also potentially stagger start and end times of school but then we run into problems of scheduling.
  • Could block off the faculty parking area to try and reduce traffic through there.
  • Could be placed in the weekly announcements.


Transportation Assistance (S. Arichea and J. Clapper)

Many students struggle to afford bus passes, therefore is there anything that GW can do to assist them?

  • It is hard to determine how many students this affects. There are currently 14 students are getting bus passes from staff members.
  • According to DPS a student must live 3.5 miles from their neighborhood school in order to be made eligible for a buss pass.
  • A round-trip bus pass for one student starting in November it would cost $300.80 per student.
  • Arichea guesses that it would roughly cost $200,000 (but this is an overestimate because we don’t really know how big of a population this is true for)
  • Ideas for a solution to this problem:
    • Would eco-pass be any less expensive? Our prices are already about half the price of what they are in Denver.
    • Could be a line item for our school budget.
    • What do other schools do? Many schools have reached out to their alumni to help their students.
    • How to determine the actual need? Talk to the people who do bus passes at the school to see how many students purchase bus passes.
    • Students could potentially carpool.
    • DPS discount pass: school buys monthly bus pass for $30 and sell to students for $20.
    • Yellow busses are only available to students who need specific accommodations.


Students on CSC and Minutes (B. Learned)

How many students do we have on CSC? Do we want more students than what we currently have?

  • Lessard has no problem with having more students on the CSC.

Do we want the minutes to be approved by the CSC before they are posted or should they just be posted without approval from the CSC?

  • Just post the minutes but then have the first agenda item to approve the minutes from the previous meeting.
  • School Performance Framework………………………………………………………S. Lessard
    • The rating system for GW- Mr. Lessard would like to go over this with the CSC.
    • We have decreased our overall school rating by about 6% and this would change our color.
    • Should the CSC have an additional meeting to discuss this issue? Lessard will set something up with Mary Lane to present this information to a larger audience.




November 28, 2016