CSC Minutes 10/1/2018

CSC Minutes 10/1/2018
October 1, 2018 GWHS


Lucca Raabe, Eric Sherman, Ron Sherman, Kristin Waters, Mike Wylde, Julianna Evans, Laurie Buchanan, Adam Haynes, John Collins, Andrew Schwartz, Henry Waldstreicher


  1. Welcome-K. Waters, Principal


  1. Constituency Reports
    1. Students
  • The racial and socio-economic divide in George is at the front of our minds, and through a series of different programs we are trying to continue the One George initiative in order to reduce that divide. In 2 advisory classes, every Monday there are presentations made by upperclassmen and sophomores about this issue, for example on 10/1/18 there was a presentation on how we choose who we make connections with.  We are also making smaller efforts inside the shadowing program because almost everyone who shadowed went into honors classes.  The goal is to identify small changes that we can make incrementally in our attempts to reduce the racial and socio-economic gaps at George.  With that, a moment of success in this department is the success and diversity of our Freshman Academy and our PIT Crew.
  • For school recruitment, we do send recruitment groups out to other school, however there is a lot of room to grow in our outreach and advertising to students in non-honors classes. One idea we discussed was advertising through community emails in different areas.
  • Another step we are taking to reduce the racial and socio-economic gap within George and the community, volunteers and teachers are being trained to be more aware of biases, both conscious and unconscious.


  1. Parents
  • Right now, the Patriot Pairs program is a volunteer mentorship program where students are mentored for the duration of their high school career. We recognize that this is a lot of responsibility, and we want to ask whether staff should take on some of that responsibility?


  1. Staff
  • On Thursday, October 4, the survey for employee of the month will be sent out. The CSC will then review the nominees for employee of the month.  The nominees will be announced the month of the award and the winner will be announced the following month (November’s winner will be announced in December).


  1. Community


  1. Principal Report – K. Waters
  2. Building Update
  • We are still working on the science and locker rooms, everything should be done by next month!! The new locker rooms will be bright, open spaces with smaller lockers and more light coming in, with a lot less grunge and dark corners.
  • Next week the SPF will be released. What we know now is that growth across Colorado was not great and GW followed that trend. What do want to emphasize is that our SPF rating this year was green and that every high school will not look as strong as they did in years past, however we want to ensure George is growing as best as it can, and that our success is accurately portrayed through the SPF system.
  1. Set Agenda for Next Meeting
  • Discuss SPF