CSC Minutes 10/2/2017

CSC Minutes 10/2/2017
November 7, 2017 GWHS


Shahad Mohieldin, Isabelle Maestas, Scott Lessard, Kevin Vicente, Jennifer Harkness- Quintana, Juliana Evans, Michael Wylde, Mary Jo Minogue, Jay Clapper, Adam Haynes, Ron Sherman, Eric Sherman




  • Parent Satisfaction Survey
    • Overall positive trend
    • From 2015 the overall satisfaction of academics moved
    • District:
      • 2015- 82%
      • 2016- 83%
      • 2017- 84%
    • School
      • 2015- 66%
      • 2016- 73%
      • 2017- 72%
    • There are 5 response options
      • Strongly agree
      • Agree
      • Disagree
      • Strongly Disagree
      • They only account for agree and strongly disagree
    • District average only secondary
    • Mailed out in Spanish and English
    • Met the 20% threshold
    • This means that it will be counted
    • Thanks to P3 for the help with growth in the school
    • Mr. Lessard’s focus
      • 79% was the average for the school
      • 80% is the benchmark
  • Student Satisfaction Survey
    • Response rate went from the 64% to 35%
    • Overall positive trend
    • Growth of 2% in “I am getting a good education at my school”
    • A goal is using Infinite Campus to show families what their students are doing in class
    • There was a jump in the atmosphere
    • Peer tutoring has helped a lot
    • 96% on “my school encourages me to go to college”
    • Students take it during school
    • GW is about the district in its average on family
    • We need to continue to work on everything
    • Communication has greatly increased
      • There are opportunities to increase communication on teacher level
      • Teachers can use I.C. to communicate with families
      • Sending weekly emails letting families know what their students are working on in class
      • How many families have access to internet at home?
    • How can we increasing the amount of parent participation in Back to School Night?
    • Some families can only come certain times
    • Investigating where we see lack of participation
    • We are collecting data on the area and languages spoken in the GW community
    • There are 60 different languages spoken
    • P3 is making every possible effort to bring in families
    • We could host a presentation in native languages
    • Arabic and Spanish are the most spoken
    • We should have Multicultural Day/Night
    • Some historic problems are safety and security issues
    • We want to continue to build the academic environment
    • Introductions to new students
  • State of the school
    • October count: 1237
    • The district is feeling good
    • They used the number in September for October count
    • The cooling project should almost be done
    • There will be some cold rooms
    • The Bond Project is in the mist
    • Number 1 priority is the windows,
    • they will cost around $2 million
    • they are going to be double paned
    • Number 2 is the locker rooms
    • Number 3 is the student’s bathroom will cost around $800,000
    • Number 4 is the library
    • Want it to be fully staffed
      • We filled the French teacher spot
    • SPF did great in some areas
      • The school won’t be green
      • Equity indicator is 45
      • We are 50.17 for academics but need to be 50.5
      • Great growth in 9th grade English
    • Teachers are collaborating once a week
    • We recently won the safety award
    • GW Speech and Debate are currently first in the state and ninth in country
    • The voter registration drive went well
    • We have more work to do as a school
    • The district will continue to reach in and support us
    • Last year there were only 18 suspensions
    • Going to try and reduce the opportunity gap
    • How do we give them the skills they need?
    • All three pathways are legitimate
    • Random facts
      • GW Athletics had the largest G.P.A
      • 94% pass rate went down to 80%
      • Made more students pass
      • Make sure they have college credit in
      • Students will need to take standardized test to graduate starting with this years freshmen
    • Big Focus
      • PSAT in every content area
      • All students should be able to write an argumentative essay
      • Next Step
      • Giving students the steps to do well on the PSAT
      • Advisors
      • Senior advisors
      • SAT/ACT prep for juniors
      • Every sophomore is meeting with a college advisor/ parent interest inventory
      • Required to graduate
      • We have put more resources in the classroom for 9th graders
      • At least 2 adults in the classroom
      • How do we do a better job of supporting our students?
      • PSAT for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade is very helpful
      • State decided to use the PSAT





11/6/22017 – 4:30pm