CSC Minutes 11/5/2018

CSC Minutes 11/5/2018
November 5, 2018 GWHS


Robert Sherman, Eric Sherman, Lucca Raabe, Renee Raabe, Henry Waldstreicher, Julianna Evans, Jennifer Harkness, Kristin Waters, Kitty Hook, Jay Clapper, Leonel Miranda, Andrew Schwartz, Laurie Buchanan, Michael Wylde, Moker Quinlan, John Collins


  1. IB Mural Project

Students at GW want more of the diversity at GW to be represented by a mural in the IBLA garden.  The mural is meant to make everything more inclusive. As explained by the student representative Leonel Miranda, culture should not be shameful or a point of disgrace, instead it should be celebrated.  The mural will include many different cultures, many different skin colors, with the quote, “They tried to bury us but didn’t realize that we were seeds”.  The mural is created with the aim of livening up the front of our school to create a positive feeling for every person who enters. If the mural is going to be permanent it will need to be upkept, and we discussed the NAHS will help with the upkeep.  There was also a discussion about creating a rotating art piece: a piece of art that is up for special occasions like the culture fest or Hispanic heritage month.  The new DPS guidelines require the mural to be approved by district facility management and must be created by a professional artist/muralist. Because the mural needs to be professionally painted, there will likely need to be a fundraiser.  The students behind this project are currently looking for a muralist to get the project started.

  1. CSC Bylaws

The CSC will work in the upcoming weeks to compile our by-laws into an official document to send to DPS with our membership record.

  1. SPF

The SPF rating came out and we are yellow.  Across the district, particularly in other comprehensive high schools, there was an overall drop in performance.  All the traditional high schools are ranked yellow, orange, or red in the district. Fortunately, at the state level George is ranked green. As a result of our yellow rating for the second consecutive year, George will not be receiving additional funding for improvements within the school.  The majority of the SPF is based on the achievement gap.  Hopefully the change of Superintendent will correspond to a change in the SPF measurement.


All the students at GW are improving, but the achievement gap is also growing which is why our score is yellow.  Fortunately, there are things we can do as a school do improve! One of the easiest ways is to do the student and parent satisfaction surveys.  The SPF measures satisfaction with the school, but because the survey is often given out during the months that AP and IB students are not in school the rating is skewed negatively as a result of a large lack of student body participation. We are looking for ways to create an online survey or a way to give the survey out earlier in the year when more of the students are present. Many within the Denver community, George and other public schools alike, agree that there are many problems with the SPF. All comprehensive high schools in the district drafted a detailed letter about this issue because while the traditional high schools are ranked yellow or below, the charter and non-traditional high schools are ranking in the green and blue bands at the district level.  There are things that we, as community members, can do, and the main one is to talk to our representative.  Dr. Carrie Olson is our representative on the school board. She will hopefully be at the next CSC meeting, and will definitely be in attendance at GW this Wednesday 11/7/18 for a student-lead discussion about the new superintendent position.

  1. Revisioning GW – Five years after One George

Five years after One George we have come a long way but are not where we want to be yet.  Out goal is to keep reinventing to keep innovating.  We were successful in our goals for One George and now is the time to rebrand and continue innovating to reach higher integration within the school.  One of the problems that is still left to fix is that the One George initiative is not seen in the classrooms.  One solution that we produced was to see what the students need to integrate the school successfully.  One question we have about One George is, did it make a difference?  Can we look back and see whether this initiative worked and what can be improved upon?  One way of doing this is looking at the number of honors/college level courses taken and how enrollment has changed over the past five years.  We discussed encouraging students to take more challenging coursed by educating students about both the requirements for traditional pathways and non-traditional pathways and what courses are needed.  A question we had in this is what support we can provide that would be ongoing, so that plans for the future are not discussed once a year and then forgotten by the next day. We aim to find ways to incentivize large groups of high achieving minority students to take the advanced classes they are capable of doing. The goal of any school is to prepare all its students for the future and we are looking for the best ways to continue doing that to the best of our ability.

  1. Budget/Scheduling priorities

We will look at Scheduling priorities in December and budget priorities in January.

  1. Employee of the Month Award

This sub-committee is comprised of John Collins, Henry Waldstreicher, Julianna Evans, and Jay Clapper.  The employee of the month for September is Profe Torres, and the employee of the month for October is Ms. Stahl.