CSC Minutes – 11/6/2017

CSC Minutes – 11/6/2017
November 27, 2017 GWHS


Juliana Evans, Jennifer Harkness-Quintana, Shahad Mohieldin, Jake Fisher, Lucca Raabe, Isabelle Maestas, Mary Jo Minogue, Kittie Hook, Jay Clapper, Adam Haynes, and Ron Sherman.




Bond Update – 4:35

  • Completed with cooling system
  • At end of month upcoming project will go to bid
    • Windows
    • Locker rooms
    • Team space in girl’s locker room
    • Upgrade swim locker rooms
    • Student bathrooms
    • Library renovation
    • Science and art rooms renovations
    • Wall outside to hide dumpsters
    • Greenhouse renovation
    • Gym improvements, curtain, and sound system
    • District may also replace lighting
  • Mill Levy was used to fund more technology in the school
  • GW will look at ways in which technology can better be used in the classroom


New Programs for 2018-2019 – 4:50

  • Mandarin Classes
    • UNC has a program that will license students to teach mandarin in school
    • Collaboration with parents
    • May be an extension with the Denver Language School
    • Mandarin classes may assist in recruitment
    • It is unclear whether these teachers would be full or part time
  • Engineering Program Pipeline
    • Maker’s Space
    • Students will teach others engineering principles
    • Infused with art
    • Working with Mr. McNeil
    • With 3-D Printers and a laser cutter
    • Possible pathway
    • It is unclear whether this will become a CTE, for now it will be in house
    • May include robotics
    • Possible partnership with companies to get internships


School Performance Framework Presentation – 5:05

  • District rating based on a number of indicators
    • Connected to teacher salary
  • GW earned a 50.27% and a 50.5% is required to be green
    • GW is yellow this year
    • Academic Gaps metrics are yellow
    • Since the equity indicator is yellow, a green rating was not possible
  • Green on Academic Gaps for English learners
    • CMAS English tests demonstrated a growth increase of 36.5
  • Red on growth of students who receive FRL
    • Specifically, on the SAT
    • Achievement gap is based on comparing all FRL vs all non-FRL scores
  • GW is yellow in the indicator measuring the academic achievement for students of color
    • Gap between CMAS growth percentages was too wide
  • GW is committed to closing the gaps for all our students


  • High growth in 9th grade English
  • Outperforming the district
  • GW is blue in increasing enrollment in rigorous course enrollment
  • Growth in concurrent enrollment classes
  • GW meets expectations for college readiness and graduation rates
  • Student Perception survey results are green
  • GW is yellow on the parent satisfaction surveys

Next Steps

  • Develop professional development to support teachers with PSAT and SAT
  • Plan for the transition from CMAS to PSAT 9
  • Communicate with community
  • Analyze data for all groups of students to address their needs
  • DPS is the only district in the state that has the SPF
  • GW is working on improving communication from the classroom to parents


There will be a cultural night on December 7 or 14. More information will follow.




12/4/2017 – 4:30pm