CSC Minutes 1/17/2017

CSC Minutes 1/17/2017
January 24, 2017 GWHS


Scott Lessard, Jennifer Harkness-Quintana, Angela Danley, Kevin Vicente, Jay Clapper, Mary Jo Minogue, Kitty Hook, Jake Fisher, Shahad Mohieldin, Kelli Pfaff




UPDATES: S.Lessard- Scoops of Unity event Friday- at the end of school; pins to handout to students that promote unity; Student selling stickers for a CAS project; each class “sacrifice” 2 minutes

BUDGET TIMELINE– Lessard will get #s next week; CSC will need to meet soon thereafter

  • Documents provided by Lessard
    • Choice-in and Boundary Enrollment: shows decline in enrollment
    • Enrollment Scatterplot Map: shows that Northfield High School is going to continue to pull students

DPS has given us preliminary #’s: 1286 this year we are projected 1232 for next year (we won’t know any more for sure until end of February when we get information on rising 9th graders)

Thursday 1/19- Lessard will talk with Mr. Boasberg re:budget timeline

January 31st– Lessard will meet with DPS budget team to confirm budget

The district has decided to put a DSST on Northfield’s campus


Lessard- we (GW) have worked with 30 kids who aren’t being successful at GW and we’ve sent them to alternative high schools where they can be successful

15% of our population doesn’t make it to their Junior year from their Sophomore year

We have an option: we could say we want a pathways school here at GW to give those students who aren’t going to make it; this would fulfill the mission of One George

Pathways schools: can offer flexibility in credit requirements; can offer more support; can keep students who we are sending to other pathways/alternative schools

West high school has a pathway school with 70 kids in it right now

Lessard wants to propose: we offer to host a pathway school (only 3rd and 4th year students) to the district if they allow us to:

  • Lessard helps select the principal
  • Starts small- can’t project 150 kids in the first year and be successful; start with 6 classrooms

What is the impact to other programs? Not sure…most likely classrooms will begin to have less variation in student performance

Would there be additional RIBs for GW staff? (Due to the additional students being pulled)

  • Theoretically these would be the kids we are losing anyways each semester

Concern: is this a step back in expectations for school discipline? Are we inviting students in that aren’t successful in the school environment?

North, Lincoln, West= other pathways schools

DPS representative:

  • There are 19 Pathways schools in the district; this one would serve 3rd and 4th year students who are a year behind in credit
  • “Attendance has gone up”
  • North High School- has one and the leadership team works together well to make it successful
  • Only thing that we would share is this physical space.
  • “if GW requests a pathway school” –
  • If a building is sitting empty the approved charters can be placed in those schools

West- created “turf wars” because there are 4 schools within a building…we don’t want that here

If a student doesn’t graduate on time from a traditional high school there is a penalty, but pathway schools are exempt from that penalty

Q=Are pathways students allocated more $

A=“there is a different budgeting framework” – The Pathways schools are funded differently from a mill levy fund

Could this create the same kind of “separation” that we were trying to end with One George?

Systemic problems discussion

Lessard- wants our permission to propose this pathway school-

  • CSC-would like Lessard to propose this if he can have a say in negotiating what it would look like

What about the $4 million in school directed Bond money? We will get that eventually and have to decide how to spend that. Priorities for Lessard: windows

The district will spend $6million- lighting, ADA, HVAC upgrades,

Can DPS come explain how they are going to spend the bond? – we won’t get any of this $ until 2018




January 30, 2017 at 4:30pm.