CSC Minutes 11/9/15

CSC Minutes 11/9/15
November 9, 2015 GWHS


Barbara Chin, Kittie Hook, Mary Jo Minogue, Hezekiah Hall, Jose Martinez, Scott Lessard, Paul Knickerbocker, Kevin Vicente, Bryn Learned, Jake Fisher, Kathryn Swan, Angela Danley, Stephen Arichea, Jay Clapper


4:38pm-meeting called to order


  • 1 week to circulate minutes; 1 week for committee to approve/amend digitally; final copy goes to Mr. Martinez to be posted to website.

Professional Development Update

  • PD calendar (Thursday A.M.) has been adjusted to suit teacher needs


  • Time to think about what line items should be included
  • K. Vicente: What are our budget priorities as the funding for the TIF (differentiated roles for teachers where they coach ½ time) grant is partially falling on the school (fully funded in this year but not next) and advisory is also an added expense? Also what is the long term plan for TIF and advisory? Also if we get rid of TIF won’t this cause us to have a glut of teachers and therefore need to let teachers go? (To seek information and potential solutions, to have open dialogue and to seek some clarity from Lessard and Martinez, understanding of where we are planning on going with these programs and start to evaluate (to determine significance or value of)
  • Explanation of Differentiated Roles. We currently have 7 D.R.s
  • 2016-17- GW will be responsible for more of the cost of D.R. Currently the district pays for it. 3 years from now GW will be responsible for all of the cost.
  • Current leadership would like to triple the number of D.R. teachers.
  • 9th Grade Advisement: explanation; question about the budget; where it fits in
    • 16 teachers teach this; some within their 5 period day, some teach it as a 6th class
    • This is unsustainable to ask teachers to give up their planning period

Budget Accountability | K. Hook, J.Clapper, D. Wollins

  • Martinez- a brief history of the budget process
  • Martinez has collected a list of “budget priorities” from departments to be prepared for the decision process
  • Proposal: to set a budget goal, then when the district comes back with a different number Mr. Martinez would like to propose cutting % of the overall budget instead of just cutting teachers
  • Budget Priorities: collected after a department chair meeting
  • CSC has been asked to add to look at the budget priorities and add or detract from them
    • Members have been tasked to email Barbara Chin with things they’d like to add
  • Can this CSC be prepared for the budget cycle ahead of time? (to make a decision, open dialogue, determine schedule of meetings for Spring) Two forms we all need to read:

FY15-16 Budget Guidance Manual & FY15-16 School Budget Update from Tom Boasberg | A. Danley

  • January 11th ” Regularly scheduled January CSC meeting
  • January 19th– additional CSC budget meeting
  • February 1st– Regularly scheduled February CSC meeting
  • February 13th– Budget DUE

UIP- Review achievement and college readiness measurements

  • No update at this time, it has yet to be reviewed by the staff

One George ” will they attend December CSC meeting?

  • Barbara is going to invite One George
  • Also, Mr. Lessard has invited DPS School Board Member Michael Johnson (also the board treasurer)

Update from subcommittees:

  • Auction | D.Wollins
    • Meetings have yet to take place
  • Spirit | K. Hook
    • Kitty is recruiting; there is a list of parents who have volunteered; also setting up meetings with Mary Lane and Alyssa Richason
  • Survey | S. Lessard
    • No update at this time

ELL Tutoring | B. Learned

  • Tutoring starting tomorrow at lunch; Tuesdays at lunch; Ms. Harkness has recommended students from the ELD class; Bryn has collected 6 volunteers primarily from the IB program

Follow- up needed on parent shadowing,

  • Can this be moved to February discussion?

CSC sponsored teacher award

  • We would like to look into other schools’ selection process

Publicizing GW events to community, and media event ……………B. Chin

  • Questioning how our events get communicated to community news organizations?
  • Tom Bosburg had a media event where they interviewed teachers and students; no press showed up; and the district did not publicize the event

Does the CSC want to invite an HR representative to walk us through the different roles/ responsibilities between the CSC and SLT? (To share information, to determine if we want to schedule a meeting)

Please read attachment titled CSC, SLT Training……………………B. Chin

  • Concerns raised about rules about the CSC including if it’s ok for the principal not to attend meetings
  • Fear a waste of time due to previous experience