CSC Minutes – 1/22/2018

CSC Minutes – 1/22/2018
February 13, 2018 GWHS


Shahad Mohieldin, Jake Fisher, Michael Wylde, Adam Haynes, Ron Sherman, Kevin Vicente, Kittie Hook, Mary Jo Minogue, Jay Clapper, Jennifer Harkness-Quintana, Juliana Evans, Andrew Schwartz, Lucca Raabe, and Isabelle Maestas.




Current budget: $7.6 Million

  • Net increase from last year
  • District has allocated some items to the school – means a larger dollar number for the


  • We need to make substantial cuts – ~$300,000
  • Comes from our projected reduced enrollment (about 66 kids fewer)
    • Gideon Geisel – completely funded by Career Connect
  • Administrative costs
    • Lessard, Asst. Principal Greeley, athletic director
  • Teachers: $71,479 per head
    • Accounts for 74% of the total budget
  • Can the district prove their commitment to GW by funding us more?
  • We could make some cuts from non-salary expenses
    • Such as printing costs, etc.
    • We don’t want a surplus in funding either
  • 1171 or 1190 as working numbers for student total projection 2018-19
  • Mandarin teacher would be half time – only $16,000
  • Yellow ranking from means that we don’t lose any funding


Budget Discussion

  • 25:1 9 th grade teacher to student ratio
  • 30:1 for 10 th – 12 th grade
  • Maybe drop one of the following teachers:
    • Mild moderate
    • Visual / performing arts
  • Can we share teachers with Delta?
    • Yes, theoretically, but nothing is set in that way yet
    • The bell schedule does conflict
  • World language is pretty limited – no non-honors French class now, a lot of the DPS curriculum is designed for three years
  • Freshman Seminar is tough to cut – not a single FTE – split across many subjects and taught by many teachers


Budget Cut Options

  • Library Para, PE, Visual Arts, Mild Moderate
    • Library is important – upgrades this summer, access for computers, printers
    • Visual arts and PE – both are non-academic electives – good to have an option
  • Math Tutor, JFS Psychologist, RJ Coordinator
  • RJ Coordinator
  • 2 feels a little excessive – 1 could be an option


Budget Interim Decisions

  • Option A: We’re only looking to find $216,000 in reductions
    • Less likely – maybe 10%
  • Option B: Cut $301,000 (less optimal but more likely)


Final Budget Decision for RIBs

  • E.
  • Visual/Performing Arts
  • RJ coordinator
  • Math Tutor
  • Mild Moderate
  • JFS (full time)
  • If possible we will work with the district to save the visual/performing arts position.




2/5/2018 – 4:30pm