CSC Minutes – 12/4/2017

CSC Minutes – 12/4/2017
December 6, 2017 GWHS


Scott Lessard, Kevin Vicente, Ron Sherman, Jay Clapper, Adam Haynes, Mary Jo Minogue, Jeniffer Harkness-Quintana, Juliana Evans, Kittie Hook, Isabelle Maestas, Jake Fisher, Michael Wylde, Shahad Mohieldin, and Lucca Raabe.




Possible Meeting with Carrie Olson

  • Possible meeting with Carrie Olson, the District Board Member for GW
  • What can we do to make the scoring process more fair?
  • Compare similar schools – ensure they’re accurate
  • How we are getting downgraded for percentage passing when overall test taking of college level classes and college readiness is increasing
  • Successes of the GW community – IB, Student input
  • Understand her opinions on SPF – changes or not
  • Traditional schools and how to succeed
  • Discuss future meetings on a regular basis – quarterly

Bond Update – 4:45

  • Bid for windows, student bathrooms, two bathrooms and locker rooms, greenhouse, gym, and privacy fence are all within budget to improve
  • Library improvements are important to maintaining public image. Increased budget has been requested to provide this renovation while not jeopardizing other improvements.
  • Investment into school maintenance could improve savings in other areas in the future
  • Possible sponsorship of the greenhouse
  • New Lights in the entrance to the school

Future Programs – 5:00

  • UNC has given two candidates for a new Mandarin program, to be met with the following semester
  • Likely to be part time teachers
  • Denver Language School can feed into GW Mandarin education
  • Classes would be most likely Level 1, Ab Initio, and AP
  • To be decided in the following months
  • Engineering class implementation next year

Greenhouse Mural 5:10

  • Possible student-painted mural
  • Likely outside party to paint a student-selected vision on the inside of the Greenhouse Wall




1/8/2018 – 4:30pm