CSC Minutes 3/6/2017

CSC Minutes 3/6/2017
March 7, 2017 GWHS


Mary Jo Minogue, Scott Lessard, Kevin Vicente, Jay Clapper, Jake Fisher, Shahad Mohieldin, Isabelle Maestes, Kittie Hook, Angela Danley, Jennifer Harkenss-Quintana, Ron Sherman, and Adam Haynes




  • Meeting Dates
    • Meeting will now be held on the first Friday of every month
  • Program Change in Counseling Center
    • Change to academic advisors
    • There will be a clear divide between social/emotional counseling and academic support
    • There is going to be one college advisor and two more postings have been listed
    • Students will know about this change because each student should have one academic counselor and one social/emotional counselor
    • How will the social emotional counselor and academic counselor play a role in shifting a student from GW to our new co-located school?
      • This biggest part of identifying a student to transfer is their academic standing because they can earn more credits at the co-located school. Therefore, it will mostly depend on the academic counselor.
    • There will be 3 college advisors who will mostly deal with juniors and seniors. They will work a little with sophomores and ensure that advisory teachers are handling freshmen.
    • At the end of the year counselors will have a lot more time to deal with juniors.
    • This will reduce each counselor’s caseload
    • About 1 period a semester in English and Math will be used for counseling
    • No additional funding is coming from the district, but there is some additional social emotional support
    • There are lots of willing candidates
    • Program changes like this should come to the CSC for approval first
    • The social emotional side will not lose anything, in fact it is gaining support
    • Jewish Family Services provide a very cheap way to provide social emotional services
    • Students approve of this change
  • Spring 2017 Assessment Schedule Change Approval
    • A schedule has been proposed to accommodate testing for 9th and 11th grade CMAS testing, AP mock exams, 10th grade PSAT 10 testing, and 11th grade SAT testing.
    • Lots of time is invested because scores are important for the school.
    • Should SAT prep be built into the school year. Prep could be built into core classes.
    • Students can use Khan Academy to practice for the PSAT or SAT.
    • GW could pursue further test preparation in the future
    • The site assessment coordinator will find students that are not taking a science class and invite them to take the CMAS test at a designated time.
    • The testing schedule has been approved.
  • Board of Education Update
    • Michael Johnson update
    • Michael Johnson was not in attendance. He may come to the next meeting?
  • School Co-Location Update
    • A meeting was held on Wednesday March 1 to discuss this.
    • It will be called the George Washington Career Academy (GWCA)
    • The program is a mutual choice.
    • Students will be identified for the career academy, they will be asked but it is not required. Students will have to commit to do all of the work, and interview. The GWCA will get to approve each student.
    • The schedule may be a little different at the co-located school but they will not use the bell system.
    • There is a cap on numbers because they must stay within the limits of the building.
    • Equity is important. The other school must respect that GW is also giving up to let them in. However, it is also important that GWCA and GW act towards each other in a professional and respectful manner.
    • There are some worries about the GWCA and other pathways expanding into GW.
    • Teachers can talk and plan with each other in between GW and GWCA to truly serve students in the best way.
    • The goal is to ensure there is no divide that is created with the opening of the GWCA.
    • There are other schools that look to support freshmen and sophomores that are off track which is not what the GWCA will do.
    • There are supports for kids who attend school but are still struggling and credit recovery programs are still an option.
    • The co-located school will be located on the first floor, and there will not be very much signage.
  • Bond Update
    • The $6 million district led bond will focus on heat mitigation (via individual cooling units or one central one) and LED lighting in the parking lot.
    • $4.6 million is allocated for school choice. GW received extra funding. Priorities are:
      • Windows (they are very expensive)
      • Locker room upgrades
      • Sprinkler System
      • Teacher requested items
      • Science lab upgrades
      • Installation in some rooms
      • Sound system and dividing wall in gym
      • Greenhouse
      • Replacement of chalk boards




April 10, 2017