CSC Minutes – 4/9/2018

CSC Minutes – 4/9/2018
April 16, 2018 GWHS


Scott Lessard, Kristin Waters, Adam Haynes, Jay Clapper, Mary Jo Minogue, Kittie Hook, Jennifer Harkness-Quintana, Jake Fisher, Shahad Mohieldin, Eric Sherman, Ron Sherman, Henry Waldstreicher, Andrew Schwartz, Michael Wylde, Lucca Raabe




4:30 – Overview of agenda/introductions 


4:35 – SAT prep has been seen in classrooms 

  • Using classroom education via analytical and critical thinking to help students internalize these processes more efficiently and translate those skills to test taking has been effective thus far!

Schedule another SPF meeting, more GW focused at the end of this year

  • Revise questions so as not to repeat any information
  • Push to remove comparison schools
  • Determine who we needs to speak to in order to create a real change: Carrie Olson


4:50 – Staffing adjustment 

  • Two new TOK teachers, trained by Leslie Whitty into the first semester of next year, who will also fulfill the absent positions in Social Studies and Math.
  • CAS responsibilities are to be absorbed by the IB coordinator
  • Lots of staff applications for available jobs at George, indicating lots of interest for our school!
  • Leslie Whitty committed to teaching a philosophy class next year


5:06 – School projects

  • Furniture $140,000 from the bond
  • Library, windows and bathrooms are set to be improved as quickly as possible


5:13 – Wait until Fall for nominations and elections to CSC




5/7/2018 – 4:30pm