CSC Minutes 5/1/2017

CSC Minutes 5/1/2017
November 6, 2017 GWHS


Scott Lessard, Mary Jo Minogue, Kevin Vicente, Isabelle Maestas, Jake Fisher, Jennifer Harkness-Quintana, Ron Sherman, Adam Haynes, Shahad Mohieldan, and Bryn Learned.




Cell Phone Distraction (J. Clapper)

  • Jay has been doing the tutoring and sees that one of the most pervasive problems is distraction from cell phones. Many students are having problems with Algebra I and other classes, and is wondering what prevents us from taking those phones away.
  • The teachers end up becoming the “cell phone police” and usually it becomes exhausting to stay on top of it. The only way to really nip it in the bud would be to have one, uniformed policy. The issue is that what motivates students to put their phones away is different for each student.
  • Another issue is that once you take it, it then becomes the teacher’s responsibility for their property.
  • Another issue is that so much of the class relies on electronic devices that you can’t make it completely a no cell phone policy and area.
  • Sometimes students refuse to give up their cell phone and even sometimes it becomes more important than their education.
  • One of the main issues is that it takes so much of teacher’s time for them to constantly be trying to engage in the discipline of students using cell phones.
  • One solution would be to work with parents so that students know that their parents aren’t going to be rushing in to back them up in order to get their phones back.
  • Another solution would be to set a strong precedent and rule with the ninth graders that they don’t use their phones in the classroom unless they receive permission.
  • All of the team leaders are working to help the teachers work on disciplining students and setting that precedent so that students don’t even bring their cell phones out in class.
  • There could also be a policy built around grades that correlates to cell phones, but again this falls on the teachers to enforce it with consistency.

Update on Career Academy School (S. Lessard)

  • The principle is there and hasn’t quite determined how many staff members she needs to hire. They have found the one additional room that they will use for their science room even though it is far away from the actual location of the school.
  • Currently there are 20 students enrolled and have reached out to South, TJ, and GW in order to try and attract more students.
  • The name has not been established yet.
  • They are looking for 17 year olds with over 170 credits (juniors by credits) with relatively few behavior issues and no attendance issues.
  • Their bell schedule will have 3-minute passing periods with a 7 period day. They won’t start until 9 and end until 3:30. Only on Thursdays will they have the same lunch period.

Update on College and Career Advisors (S. Lessard)

They are technically called College and Career Advisors. They have extended positions to 2/6. One is still waiting to hear from HR and one declined the positions. Therefore they are reviewing other applicants and re-reviewing the original applicants. There have continued to be applications and resumes and those will be reviewed. It seems that these positions because of pay will have to be filled by individuals at the younger end of their career.

Vacancies/Positions (B. Learned)

  • Vacancy for Presidency
    1. The three current students: Isabelle Maestas, Shahad Mohieldan, and Jake Fisher will become the presidents. Jay Clapper will help advise them as well.
  • Filling Positions for 2017-2018
    1. There is a parent whose student is transferring and she would like to be on the CSC. At this point it seems like the more members the better, and there will be another election held in the fall for parents. There is also potential from freshman parents and therefore with a fall election it would provide them with this ability.